Friday , 13 May 2016
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Top 10 Most Expensive Items sold on eBay

most expensive things sold on ebay

eBay is one of the most popular site to sell and buy your favorite stuff globally by online auction. This consumer to consumer website is an innovative way to establish a link between people and businesses, enabling them to buy and sell a variety of goods and services all over the world in auction style. The items dealt on eBay vary in terms of price, quality as well as type, right from clothing, household goods to technology, the list is endless. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive items sold on eBay: Giga-yacht One of the most expensive items sold on eBay is the giga-yacht, built by Frank Mulder, which went for a whopping sum of $ 140 million in 2005. Some amazing features of this 405-foot long yacht include a built in helicopter garage, beauty salon, fitness room, office and 10 luxurious suites, in addition to 8 guest cabins. ... Read More »

Net Asset of Amanda Laura Bynes

Net Asset of Amanda Laura Bynes

One of the youngest actor, singer, voice artiste and fashion designer of Hollywood, Amanda Byrnes has a net worth of $4 Million. This 28-year-old actor became world famous with The Amanda show and All That, 14 years ago. She rose to further fame through her acting ventures in the films mostly, She’s The Man, What a Girl Wants, Sydney White and Easy A. One of the earliest actors that Bynes is, she started at the tender age of 7 and 2 years ago announced her thoughts about retiring from the industry. Her debut role was in 2002 in The Big Fat Liar and rendered her voice for Charlotte 2. Bynes has a long history of traffic troubles of speeding, hit and run and several other arrests of tampering with evidence, marijuana possession and reckless endangerment. She has been famous for her role in Family Guy as Anna and What I ... Read More »

Allen Iverson Earning and Net worth

allen Iverson net worth

One of the celebrity basketball players, who has seen hot currency and showered in its heat for decades since, is finally broke. After rounding the estimate of his net worth to $200 million in salary, merchandise and endorsements, Allan Iverson is currently on a debt run of -$1Million. Allen Iverson is known to have played up to 14 seasons of the National Basketball Association for four recognised teams. He drew a salary around $200M and known to have expended the money on 50 of his co-travellers, friends, family, relatives and their whims and fancies of expensive items. He was one of the dual sports athletes who excelled in both football and basketball alike. Born in 1975, Iverson is an American Born who has won bronze in the Olympic Games in 2004 for United States.   Since 2012, the celebrity sports star is in the news for accepting the Verdict of ... Read More »

Net Asset of Adam Sandler

Net asset of Adam sandler

One of the most famous screenwriter, actor, and producer, songwriter, dubbing artiste, comedian and Television Producer, Adam Sandler was born in 1966. The net worth of this rich Hollywood celebrity is $300 Million and $20 Million for every movie he lends his body, mind, soul or voice to. Born in Brooklyn, Sandler is one of the new-age comedians who have as many flops as his hit films. One of the most irrational comedians of the age, Sandler appeared first onscreen on The Cosby Show and Remote Control and moved onto the film debut in 1989 with Going Overboard. Before he hit 18, Sandler took the stage for comedians under strong influence from his brother to be in turn discovered by the popular comedian Denny Miller who paved way for his writing career on Saturday Night Live.   Sandler got to world fame with his witty songs titled, ‘The Thanksgiving Song’, ... Read More »

Top 10 Japanese Movies You must Watch

Seven Samurai

The Japanese film industry has been known to bring some marvelous pieces of art to the world in the form of its movies s. Many of the Japanese movies have been very different from the regular Hollywood movies, but they have the capability to move the audience and touch their souls. Here is a list of Top 10 Japanese Movies You must Watch 1. Seven Samurai This 1954 movie actually opened up the eyes of the world towards Japanese cinema, with a plot revolving about a village which hires these samurai warriors for seeking protection against bandits. Basically an action movie, this one has set the standards for such movies with its great action stunts, wonderful performances, brilliant photography and perfect editing. 2. Tokyo Story Another all time favorite Japanese movie is Tokyo Story, the 1953 classic, which is the story of an elderly couple who visits their family who lives ... Read More »