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How to pay Citi Bank Credit Card Bill Payment online

citibank online payment

Citi bank Credit Card Bills can be paid online. Go through the simple steps given below those enable you for successful Citi bank Credit Card bill payment. Just enter the details as mentioned and you can access the process smoothly. 1 The user has to first put the 16 digit Citibank Credit card number, or the 14 digit Diners card number with the required amount. 2 You have to select the bank account and then hit the ‘Epay Now’ option available. It simply takes you to the payment interface of your selected bank; here you have to provide the required details like NetBanking User ID and Password of the bank account. 3 The transaction screen presents the statements like ‘Success’, ‘Failure’, or ‘Pending’. 4 The users will have to make contact with the corresponding bank from where the transaction process was started for the payment of Citi bank Credit card, ... Read More »

How to pay BSNL Landline Bill online Easily

How to pay BSNL Landline Bill online Easily

The BSNL Landline users can pay their bills over the web through Credit Card, or with the Net banking options. We have given you below the procedure for performing the process. Check the simple steps out. Let’s checkout How to pay BSNL Landline Bill online Easily Follow the Steps Given Below: 1 After going to the required page first put your telephone number or corporate code and hit ‘Submit’. 2 Next pick your online bank account, or credit card / debit card / cash card / Net Banking, and then hit the pay option. 3 Make sure of your payment through Card, and put the details like bank user id/password, etc. 4 Confirm the payment to conclude. 5 You will get a confirmation over the web, and the over the web transaction confirmation with a reference number.    Also read-How to pay airtel bill online   Payment through standing instructions: 1 ... Read More »

How to pay airtel bill online

How to pay airtel bill online

The Airtel users are now having the options of online bill payment. Go through the simple steps given below or making effective online payments. However, you can pay it through credit and debit cards.Follow  all the steps given below if you want to pay airtel bill online. If you are a Credit Card user, then follow the steps: 1 First you have to login using the My Account ID and Password. 2 Then, put details like account number, and submit. 3 Hit the ‘Make New Payment’ button. 4 Then hit the ‘account number’ option of your interest and put the amount. 5 Pick ‘Credit Card’. You can take the authorized Visa, Master Card into account. 6 Eventually it takes you to the place where you have to put your credit card details. 7 The users will get a Transaction Reference number towards your request.     Also Read- How to pay BSNL ... Read More »

How to Overcome Breakup without Any Problem?

How to Overcome Breakup

Breakup is one of the worst moments in one’s life. Nevertheless, one can overcome breakup without any problem if he/she deal the problem maturely. Breakup is a harsh situation which occurs when a person in a relationship or a deep love comes to an end and suffers from certain irrelevant consequences. Either the relation is long term or a short-lived cyber affair, the pain of having a breakup is like experiencing a near death. Losing relationship may cause a severe mental depression and stress. But instead of feeling stressed, you need to create a strong mentality to come over it. You need to push harder to your stresses. Just try to let go. And if it doesn’t helps then try to tell or write it up and share your pain with other friends of yours. Classic Ways to Overcome a Breakup Though it’s not a big deal how to overcome ... Read More »

How to Overcome Your Adversity?

How to Overcome Your Adversity

How to overcome adversity Adversity is a difficult situation or condition that arises in each and every person’s life. When circumstances work against you, you face effect of adversity becoming an unavoidable part of our lives.  Adversity may occur unexpectedly in different cases and scenarios like demise of a loved one, cold relationship, natural disaster, including many other unknown negative events and we are always fighting with it to make a better living. As Albert Schweitzer says, “One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity”. No matter how sharp or clever we are, we will face some type of challenges, struggles and heart wrenching moments in our lifetime. Adversity has a powerful impact on our daily lives, the problem may be big or small we try our best to eradicate those problems as soon as possible. Every adversity has the seed of an ... Read More »