Monday , 5 September 2016
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Top 10 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

Sharp SJ-K20S 179L

With today’s busy schedules and hectic lifestyles;high-capacity,durable, double door refrigerators have become the need of the hour. There are so many brands flooding the Indian market, that it makes the decision really tough!Here’s a list of the  Top 10 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India to choose from. The LG GL-254AM5 The LG GL-254AM5 with a capacity of 240L,is a great option for those looking at economy, and excellent storage capacity. Priced at around Rs.15000, this refrigerator offers frost-free defrosting and is an environmentally friendly decision thanks to its 5-star energy rating.  LG GL-258VE4 240L double door refrigerator Bring home the LG GL-258VE4 240L double door refrigerator that offers awesome humidity control and a 4-star energy rating at a price of Rs.18580. When your home is flooded with guests, you can prepare chilling refreshments in a jiffy, thanks to its hassle-free twist ice tray and quick frosting.  Sharp PK 45 ... Read More »

Top 10 Water Geyser Options in India

Racold Water Heater SPHP

In a hot nation like India, water heaters are not the conventional house-hold product. Hence, one must make proper investigations before spending on this account. The compilation below presents the best 10 options available in Indian markets for a water geyser. The compilation has been made in accordance with the feature, price, life span and maintenance costs involved to make it easier for you before going for the product.   Have a look at Top 10 Water Geyser Options in India.   1. Haier ES15V-ED Water Heaters This is considered as one of the most popular water heaters of the nation. With a capacity of 15 litres the tank holds a life span of 10 years. It can heat the water at more than 50 degrees within one and half an hour. This is going to cost about Rs.9000.   2. Racold Water Heater SPHP This is a veteran product under its ... Read More »

Most expensive headphones

Most expensive headphones

You can’t claim to be from the modern age without having at least once used a pair of headphones. The advantages are obvious; you get to enjoy your favorite types of music without having to bother other people. They come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are quite cheap, but there are some that boast a quite impressive price tag. So Here is the list of Most expensive headphones 10. ATH-W5000 This is a great bang for your buck, even though the set cost roughly 1000 USD to get. They are visually appealing, easy to wear and the customers that tried them all seem to be very impressed. 9. Hifiman HE 6 These puppies will set you back about 1300 dollars, depending on the retailer. In general, the generic headphones that you can get usually are closed back, but not this pair. There are 2 distinctive features that ... Read More »

Top 5 Best washing machine in India

Top 5 Best washing machine in India

Due to the technological advancements and the requirements of face paced and modern life, washing machines have become essential in every household unit. People who earlier used their hands to wash clothes will certainly understand the importance of this machine and understand its value. People find not only easy but also convenient to wash clothes without much efforts. Washing machines simply helps you save time and energy and also provides a faster way of washing clothes easily. There are various brands that have launched washing machines with latest technology and design to meet the requirements of modern India. Here are the top 5 washing machine in India LG This brand has introduced various washing machine models including washer dryers, front loading washing machines, semi-automatic washing machine, top loading washing machines, and more. High quality service and use of top class components that ensure durability make LG the top leading brand ... Read More »