Thursday , 8 September 2016
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Rapist Doctor arrested in Paraguay

Fugitive Brazilian 'rapist doctor' arrested in Paraguay

While surfing you tube videos I found this interesting news , so thought to share with my readers. Roger Abdelmassih who is a fugitive Brazilian fertility doctor was arrested by Paraguay police after he was reported of sexually abusing his 39 patients. This arrest took place after a successful and joint investigation by the officers of Paraguay National Anti-Drugs Secretariat and Brazilian authorities. Roger Abdelmassih who is said to be living in a luxurious house with his wife and two children has also treated many well-known personalities. He was considered to be the pioneer of IVF use in Brazil and was an expert for human reproduction treatment. After he successfully carried out the artificial insemination in 1996, Roger became highly popular in his field. However, it seems that the doctor took advantage of his popularity and position and accused many women. According to the reports, this doctor was convicted to ... Read More »

China Eastern Plane Aborts after the Air Controllers Fall Asleep On Their Duty

China Eastern Plane

Another flight had to abort its landing after the air traffic controller dozed off during their job. The China Eastern Airline passenger flightwas forced to terminate its landing on 19th August when a similar incident took place says the internal investigation reports. This incident took place between 2 to 3 am. A transcript that was recorded and also served as a proof that the crew members of the flight made several attempts to contact the controllers in both Chinese and English languages but their attempts failed. The calls were simply ignored and unanswered. This shameful act by the controlling staff resulted the airplane to circle the airport for almost 10 minutes before it was given a green signal for landing. Similar mishaps have occurred in the China Eastern. On July 17, in the southwest city of Nanning, another China Eastern flight landed off the runaway causing lot of disruption at ... Read More »

A tribute to Don Pardo-The Golden Voice of American Radio & Television

Don Pardo

Don Pardo, actor and announcer, better known as the voice of the radio show “Saturday Night Live” breathed his last on Monday, the 18th of August in Tucson, Arizona at the age of 96. His daughter Dona Pardo, re-affirmed the news of his death. Pardo, who was born as Dominick    George Pardo, in a Polish immigrant family on February 22, 1918 in Westfield, Massachusetts, started his career as a radio announcer and voice actor in 1938 as a radio artist at WJAR in Providence. As a student at Norway Free Academy in Connecticut, Pardo developed an interest in theater and oratory arts. He then went over to become a staff  announcer with NBC in 1944, lending his voice to some popular radio shows such as Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator and X Minus One. During his stint with NBC Radio, Pardo even worked as a war reporter in the World ... Read More »