Friday , 25 March 2016
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Top 10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

The girl who collapses every time she laughs

This is a surprising world. The more we claim to have the understandings of its concept, the more peculiar it gets. We humans are having a proposed system that we all follow, and it has been made in accordance with our biological equations. We all appear to be having similar gestures as well. However, we are going to introduce you with a bunch of people those are way away of these conventional things. 200 Orgasms a Day! How to deal this! This is what you must be thinking, but Sarah Careman is having something as an issue. She just gets excited from anything! This is called as Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome in medical language. It hikes the blood flow towards the sex organs. Unfortunately no boyfriend can continue with her failing to satisfy her sex demand. Source- Water Can Be Allergic as well: Believe it or not, she is having ... Read More »

Top 10 Weirdest and Unbelievable Massages

1. Python Massage

After hardworking and stressful days can be tiring as well as exhausting, massaging can be a great option to distress yourself and to relax your mind and body. There are different types of massages according to your needs. Take a look at the top 10 weirdest massages that you may have ever seen or heard about it. 1. Python Massage   The name itself suggests danger and frightening but python massage is quiet popular in Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines. It involves four huge and gigantic Burmese pythons which weigh around 250 kgs are placed over the body. The person is made to lie down on the bamboo bed and these pythons are well fed with 10 chickens each before they start this massage therapy.  it is about a 10 to 15 minutes session and the sliding motion is said to be claming and therapeutic. Source   2.Cactus Massage ... Read More »

Top Ten Unusual Weapons


People differ. This is normal since it is almost impossible to agree on everything. However, many a times, differences may lead to strife and eventually war may break out. In the recent past, there has been bloodshed in many parts of the world all in the name of discord. At one time, it is political wrangles another time it is religious dissension and other times it is squabbling for resources. Did war exist in the ancient society? Since time immemorial, man has always engaged in deadly warfare. Although the ancient society warred for entirely different reasons, the same ire led to the invention, improvisation and innovation of deadly and sometimes unusual weapons in readiness for battlefield. These weapons were meant to harm the rival mercilessly. The following are some of the unusual archaic weapons employed by the ancient society in battlefields. 1. Kpinga Kpinga, also known as Hunga Munga, was ... Read More »

Top 10 World’s Most Scary Cemeteries

Stull Cemetery, Kansas

World’s Ten Most Scary Cemeteries that house Lord Voldemort, ghost of Poe, Poltergeists and Ghastly ghosts of dogs. The below lists Ten most haunted cemeteries of all time that houses Poltergeists, white-roaming ladies, ladies requesting lift on the road, dog-ghosts, Family of ghosts, Edgar Allan Poe’s ghosts and ghosts spotted when sneaking out to meet their mistresses. Safety not guaranteed, as many of them are celebrities very serious about their privacy. 1)Greyfriars Kirkyard If Poltergeists, creepy ghost of faithful dog, ghastly body snatchers, voodoos princesses and even Lord Voldemort supposedly rests in this very Cemetery that is situated in Scotland. The blood thirsty and infamous poltergeist goes by the name of George MacKenzie who is named as the spirit of a ruthless persecutor by the same name, known to be brought to life in 1999 following the prophecy of R.L Stevenson. The cemetery is well established overlooking the new town ... Read More »

Top 10 best Sniper Shooters in the history

Corporal Rob Furlong

Ten best Sniper Shooters in the history : A sniper is perhaps the toughest and hard working shooters of all time as the capability of shooting longer owing to the insurmountable reasons of wind, necessary observations, craftsman ship, accuracy and camouflage, and ignoring which the bullet is responsible to land meters apart and perhaps killing another innocent. let’s checkout top 10 best Sniper Shooters in the history. 1. Navy SEALS image Following a pirate hijacking the ship, Maersk Alabama cargo was aided by the United States incredible Navy SEALs who parachuted their landing into the same neighboring areas of the sea. The SEALs were not given any permission to shoot unless the Captain’s life was in immediate danger. After proper scouting and following what we can fool-stop as perhaps advanced and fastest telepathy, the three SEALs accurately fired in absolute unity before any of the pirates could even breathe on ... Read More »