Monday , 5 September 2016
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Top 10 Best Blue Tooth Head Sets (With Price)

Bose Series 2

A blue tooth head set is an essential device to be owned by a mobile phone user because of its immense benefits. A blue tooth wireless headset gives you great ease and convenience as it allows hands free use your cell phone, making things very easy and safe, particularly when you are driving or engrossed in some task at home or office. In other ways, a blue tooth head set is something which can make life much easier for you. This accounts for increasing demand of blue tooth head sets in the market, with many brands having taken a plunge into manufacture of this device. The things needed to be considered while purchasing this device is its design, features and price. Here is a comprehensive list of top 10 best blue tooth headsets (with price): 1. LG Tone HBS700 This wireless blue tooth head set from the electronic pioneer LG ... Read More »

Top Ten Unusual Android Apps


Google’s Android has managed to be the most popular mobile operating system in the world today. By 2013, Android operated devices were the highest selling compared to other devices. What makes Android stay at the top of the game? Android OS is based on Linux kernel and its interface is based on direct manipulation. Talking of direct manipulation, Android OS integrates a lot of unusual apps that allow users to manipulate their devices according to their interests and preferences. Here are some of the unusual Android apps. 1.Aviate Aviate is an intelligent home screen that organises users’ app to show the apps that are most convenient for the situation. Aviate, which was acquired by Yahoo, organises and updates a user’s apps depending on the user’s location, time of the day and usage pattern.  For instance, when a user is at work, Aviate will show apps that are related to work ... Read More »

Top 10 Best QWERTY Phones in India

Blackberry 9900

Our beloved smartphones simply ends up rendering some of us users, completely dumbfounding a realization after incessant hitting and poking on its delicate screens. The following lists some of the best smartphones in India, which are also equipped with QWERTY keypads to ensure comfort, convenience and above all, are highly user-friendly as well! Blackberry Q10 Priced at INR 44,000 Blackberry Q10 has the operating system Blackberry 10 and has an amazing QWERTY keypad along with a touch-screen display as well. The Super AMOLED display also has a 720X720p and is 3.1 inch. The QWERTY keypad is fitted into four amazingly comfortable rows and includes multi-touch. IT has 16GB storage capacity and a 2GB RAM!   HTC ChaCha This mobile runs an Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS and is 3G enabled as well. It is a much convenient QWERTY keypad and is amazingly arranged. The device has 5MP rear camera. The mobile ... Read More »