Friday , 25 March 2016
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Top 10 women with Beautiful Eyes


If there is a term called fantasy, then I think women would be the best live example for it. No matter how diplomatic you are, but if you are straight and male, then your head is obvious to make a turn when someone beautiful passes by. However, the part that makes them beauty with mystery is their eyes. The compilation given below is about the beautiful women having most adorable eyes.  Angelina Jolie: It won’t be wrong to term her the diva of the whole world. She is at a stretch actress, screen play writer, social worker, and many others. This ultimate example of feminism is having one of the most adorable pair of eyes.   Aishwarya Rai: Perhaps God has gifted her with the most beautiful pair of eyes. This former miss world has still retained her place in millions of hearts despite being in the motherhood. The best ... Read More »

Top Ten Best Comedians

Eddie Murphy

Comedy is an art. There are various forms of comedy ranging from satire, pun, gag, farce among others. All these are meant to invoke laughter and cause amusement to the audience. The literary world has witnessed a rise in the number of comedians hitting the limelight. Most of these comedians rise to become the crème de la crème of the literary scene. Some have a made reputations that have never been surpassed. The question remains, what makes a good comedian? The following is the list of the greatest names in the comedy world. 1.Louis C.K. Top in the list is the Mexican-America comedian; Louis C.K who was born on September 12, 1967 in Washington D.C. Louise is a writer and a director. Some of his works include; Louie, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Down to Earth and Louis C.K: Oh My God. He has won several accolades and has been ... Read More »

Top 10 richest Teenagers of the World

Justin Bieber

With Emma Watson, Miley Cyris and Taylor Lautner getting off the scene of Child Actors, it is due time that we give space to the rest of the incredible and multi-talented teenage celebrities who are richer and more famous than many of their infamous celebrity parents were at the same age. Let’s checkout top 10 richest Teenagers of the World. 1) Justin Bieber, 19 The teenage singing sensation more acclaimed for his songs ‘Never Say Never’ ‘Baby’, and ‘Boyfriend’ shooted him right to the stars as the Artist of the years 2012 and 2010.  His debut record tracks were all featured on Billboard 100. He was brought to limelight when his mother recorded and posted up his self written and composed song on YouTube. He has a million fan girls going wild at each of his performances which are all a big super duper hit each time. Net worth of Justin Bieber ... Read More »

Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies of all time

johny deep top 10 movies

Top Ten Johnny Depp Movies of all time : Johnny Depp is one actor that remains hot, stunning glamorous and has a high sex appeal throughout the time. You can say he is one of the biggest star in Hollywood and he is a versatile actor. Let’s checkout Top 10 best Johnny Depp Movies of all time 1) Pirates of the Caribbean : The curse of the black Pearl. This Pirates viral story is originally based on a ride at Disney Theme Parks, and the film revolves around avenging the curse to restore the lost physical forms of some Beings. The film is incredibly funny and entertaining to all the audiences alike. This is an infamous feat for Depp as reviews state him as the most beloved pirate of all times, who is strictly jolly and drinks umpteen amounts of the forest rum. It has a rating of 8.1 2) Edward Scissor ... Read More »

Top 10 Celebrity Unsolved Death Mystery

Michael Jackson

We all think that being famous like Hollywood Celebrities is cool. No doubt it is cool but at the same time it is a very dangerous business. Unfortunately there have been a lot of celebrities that face an untimely death and left a lot of unanswered questions lingering for years after they have gone. We many never find the answer to these questions but let us have a look at the top 10 Celebrity Unsolved Mysteries that have not been answered accurately till now: Christopher Wallace More than 20 years have passed since Christopher’s murder but still we do not know the person who did this crime. Many fans of Wallace think that it has been performed by Suge Knight but the LAPD refuses Suge’s hand in the murder. Still there has not been any progress in the case and the killer still remains mysterious. Princess Diana We all know ... Read More »