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Top 10 Celebrity Unsolved Death Mystery

We all think that being famous like Hollywood Celebrities is cool. No doubt it is cool but at the same time it is a very dangerous business. Unfortunately there have been a lot of celebrities that face an untimely death and left a lot of unanswered questions lingering for years after they have gone. We many never find the answer to these questions but let us have a look at the top 10 Celebrity Unsolved Mysteries that have not been answered accurately till now:

Christopher Wallace

More than 20 years have passed since Christopher’s murder but still we do not know the person who did this crime. Many fans of Wallace think that it has been performed by Suge Knight but the LAPD refuses Suge’s hand in the murder. Still there has not been any progress in the case and the killer still remains mysterious.

Princess Diana

We all know that Princess Diana dies in a car accident while she was going back from paparazzi. But the main question is whether it was an accident or was it a stage created by the Royal Family to prevent her from marrying the Muslim Billionaire Dodi Al – Fayed. Till date this has not been clear but many more secret are expected to reveal by the new investigations that has been opened in Diana’s death case.

Elvis Presley

Coroner tells us that Elvis Presley died because of heart failure that was caused by the load of prescription drugs. But the mystery enters the case while questioning the involved medical professionals that performed the autopsy on him. These all speculations led the investigators to check the details of Elvis’s autopsy pointing that drugs were nowhere responsible of Presley’s death.

Kurt Cobain

 Kurt Cobain’s dead body was found in 1994 with a shotgun which was pointing towards his chin, by a security system installing electrician who arrived in his house. He was dead for days when his body was found and was later rules as a suicide, but the fans say that there was a lot of heroin quantity in his blood for him to manipulate the found shotgun and he was definitely murdered. The cause of death still remains a mystery.

Bob Marley

The official story that we hear states that Bob Marley died because of Cancer, but when we talked to a very close friend of Bob Marley, i.e. Lee Lew Lee, he said that it was not cancer, Bob was given radiation poisoning by somebody that lead him to his death. The fast increasing tumor that was present on his foot toe after he injured his foot with a copper piece that Lee speculates was kept by somebody in his new shoe pair given to Bob.

Michael Jackson

Jackson the king of pop died in 2009 because of a cardiac arrest in his home. He was declared dead by the official medical professional on his 51st birthday eve and his death was concluded as homicide. Before Michael’s death a variety of prescripted drugs were administered at his home, and in 2011 Murray was accused of involuntary manslaughter of Jackson.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in Paris. There was not autopsy due to lack of much evidences and his death was finally attributed to a heart attack caused by the unofficial drug overdose.

Marilyn Monroe

This beautiful Hollywood superstar died in the mid age of 36 caused due to overdose of some sedatives. But the theories that we hear states that she was murdered because of her rumored affairs with the US president Kennedy. The truth died along with Monroe leaving her death mysterious.

Jonbenet Ramsey

She was a six year old pageant queen whose death has been one of the mysterious of all. O December 1996, Jonbenet’s parents file a report about her missing and about eight hours later she was found dead in her basement. Police did not charge anybody with the murder but cause of her death still remains a mystery.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi died a very mysterious death. He died in London City in 1970 when he choked his vomit while intoxication with various sedatives. There were a lot of accusations on various people and his companions but were later dropped because of lack of evidences.

So these were few of the celebrities that died a mysterious deaths and whose real cause of death is still unknown.

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