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Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

He is the master of surprises, and the surprises are always unique. He is quite synonymous for the word creativity. Imagination is at the peak with his flicks. Movies are not always something to make your brain absent; he has proved it. Versatility is in his blood. The man with a magical touch, and who always promises a quality time is none other than the most interesting personality in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio. The compilation is in fact the toughest to pick 10, as we know all are mind blowing.

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Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

How can one leave the name while talking about the Leonardo Di Caprio flicks? Acting should be natural, but here it is simply out of the brain. Complexity can be entertaining as well; Leonardo has proved it perfectly through the flick. Science, fiction, acting, all are in perfect proportion in the movie.


Catch Me If You Can:

Catch Me If You Can

The movie was released in 2002; and what a movie it is! Based on a true story, the flick offers the best plot for Leonardo to exhibit his skills. I am quite sure; you just can’t shift your eye for a whole 141 minutes with the movie. Undoubtedly, this is one of the perfect stuff to watch.


Blood Diamond:

Blood Diamond:

This is considered the flick that has dragged the best out of Mr. Leonardo Di Caprio, and it has the most number of fans as a Leonardo Di Caprio movie. The flick is thoroughly moving. Like the typical Leonardo movie you will come across with something new in each scene. You can certainly hope for a quality 143 minutes with the subject.


Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio:

Don’t say you haven’t cried after watching the flick; it’ll be a perfect example of a bad lie. Love is at its very extent in the movie. Love is a passion; the movie proves it quite nicely. Simply a terrific art with a great message will be my favourite for ever. And, talking about Leonardo, the world clearly got the glimpse of a genius through it.


The Basket Ball Diaries:

The Basket Ball Diaries

The flick was released in 1995, and the freshness is still the way it was. Kudos for Leonardo for gifting such an amazing stuff; it’s not going to demand you a lot of your valuable time. Just comprising of 102 minutes, the movie is terrific much more than you have expected.


 The Departed

 The Departed

Class is at its best with the flick, and direction is the way it should be. If you are in a hunt for the Leonardo Di Caprio entertaining movie, then I would certainly recommend this one. You will witness a unique act from Leonardo through it. Some even rate it higher than Titanic in terms of performance.


Django Unchained:

Django Unchained

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the flick is one of the most interesting movies of Leonardo Di Caprio. The Germany bounty hunter and an escaped slave have made a great bonding in the flick through their quest of saving his wife. The movie is of 165 minutes, and promises loads of entertainment.


Romeo Juliet:

Romeo Juliet

Who else than Lenoardo can make a Shakespear character lively! Director Baz Luhrmann understands it quite nicely; hence we have witnessed one of the finest romantic flicks. The movie is all about classic acting, and it has been properly displayed by Leonardo through out the 120 minutes.


The Aviator:

The Aviator

It’s all about Leonardo De Caprio. It is said that great actors are distinguishable as they can carry the entire flick on their own shoulder, and this has been best proved by Leonardo in the flick. The performance level is just amazing, and your two hours gets superb through the flick.


Marvin’s Room:

What a movie is it! The grudge of a long life for a critical patient is on the verge of finale is what you are going to witness in the flick. Believe it or not, within 98 minutes a beautiful stuff has been designed. We must give credit to the director Jerry Zaks for casting Leonardo; otherwise it wouldn’t have got the deserved justice.

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