Monday , 5 September 2016
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A Domestic Cat traps Mother and Daughter in bedroom for hours

ball of fury cat

A pet turned wild and attacked her owners and forced them to dial 911 for their rescue on Tuesday night. Mother and her daughter were trapped in a room for hours after their pet Cuppy also known as ball of fury by their neighbors made several attempts to attack them. Despite of making efforts of escaping from the situation the duo failed and had to finally call the cops. They complained that their cat attacked them each time they tried to leave the room. However, this act which was supposed to be handled by the animal control authorities but night time response could be slow. It was wisely handled by the Chula Vista Police Department as they were reported to be in the area. Reports says that the cat was in a very aggressive mood and the officials had to try very hard to let him out of the room. ... Read More »

Facebook tags Satires from Onion in News Feed


Facebook has introduced a new feature that informs a user if the shared post is a satire or not. The feature is still in its development phase and still being tested. People on Facebook often mix up satire stories with real ones and end up believing them. To ensure that people are being able to differentiate between these two types, Facebook is now testing out their new feature. Onion is a website that shares satirical news and these articles are often mistaken with real ones. People have been found taking these satires seriously and often ending up with unpleasant mess ups. There might be room for wondering if Facebook has started taking things seriously after suicide cases have taken place over bullying; everyone wants to stay in the safer side.   Facebook has said that this step is a step against people’s confusion; many users were taking their wrath ... Read More »

Top 10 most unusual baby girl names

Unusual baby girl name

With the naming business of little boys and girls, getting more difficult as the humanity drains its resources for generating unique names, it seems that parents have taken into naming their little girls after fashion magazines, celebrities and cool drinks! The following  list shows the top 10 unusual baby girl names   1)  Pepsi Named after the popular drink, Pepsi, this year a lot of baby girls are named in reverent alive memory of the much popular frizzy drink from Pepsico. To compare other drinks in the market, Coca Cola sure did come into the baby-name-market ages before the Pepsi debut! Maybe Fanta and Mirinda got the parents to dig their brains more but all the same, settle with the rhyming names of Santa and Brinda! 2) Olympia Coined probably by one of the happy couples in the rush of Olympics, Olympia has become a sudden a viral name after the recent Olympics, for ... Read More »

Lekar Hum DeewanaDil – Yet another college romance flick

Lekar Hum DeewanaDil review and box office collection

When girl and boy meet, sparks fly immediately! Not in Lekar Hum DeewanaDil, because the girl and boy are best friends and then it dawns upon them that they love each other. Released on 4th July 2014, this typical college love story has garnered rather negative reviews from critics all over India and the world. LHDD is the directorial debut of Imtiaz Ali’s brother, Arif Ali but lacks Imtiaz’s charm. A lack lustre romance, the film’s music by A.R. Rahman too has not helped bring any shine to a script that sounds promising in the beginning, but is highly predictable and goes all downhill as the movie progresses. It is Armaan Jain’s debut film with fresh face Deeksha Seth, where the girl has shown more promise than the boy who hails from the famous ‘Kapoor Khaan-daan’. Also, produced by Saif Ali Khan along with Dinesh Vijan and Sunil Lulla under the banners ... Read More »

Top 10 mythical creatures


Everyone has heard of mythical creatures from either prehistoric Greek stories or the present tales. Below is a list of the commonly known mythical creatures that you will hear everybody talking about. We have discussed in details about Top 10 mythical creatures. Unicorn A unicorn is seen as a horse like creature with a characteristic horn protruding from its head with a Billy goat beard, cloven hooves as well as a lion’s tail. It is said to be quite a gentle creature and regarded as hard to capture unless the use of unfair methods. Its horn was said to be able to defuse poison. The unicorn was first known in 3300BC to 1700BC in the Indus Valley. Minotaur The Minotaur was portrayed to have human like lower body and the upper part being that of a bull in the Greek mythology; said to be living at the middle of a tangle ... Read More »