Friday , 3 June 2016
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Top 10 Facts Supporting Existence OF Heaven AND Hell

While majority of atheists believe that the existence of heaven and hell is not provable, basing their arguments on ignorance, I believe that God exists due to my faith, religion and scientific knowledge; and because He does exist, so does Hell and Heaven. Heaven is the home of the righteous whereas Hell is its opposite according to religious teachings; most arguments supporting the evidence of Hell and Heaven are based on religious beliefs. In accordance with Irvine, 1985 atheism is the main reason why a person might doubt the existence of Heaven and Hell. However, there have been scientific claims that hold up the existence of Hell and Heaven. Proving the existence of has become an obsession with most people since time immemorial. Many have worked tirelessly to provide evidence backing up God’s existence. To support why I believe God exists, I present 10 facts Supporting Existence OF Heaven AND Hell ... Read More »

Top 10 things to do when you are bored

Ten immediately exhilarating things to do when you are bored. The enlisted things below should not be tried, discussed or practiced by infants. Well, of course they can’t read. And, for the rest of you, if you start with first, make sure you do all the ten and the revealingly hidden tip at last as well. You can try following 10 things when you are bored. 1) Scratch yourself. image It does not always have to be ‘ feeling itchy, then scratch it’, as the scratching is always a delightful sensation to your skin, even without the slightest feeling to scratch. And with the surface are are that you own, I’m sure you can scratch for a lifetime, and some areas can engage you for longer hours like the scalp which can be deeply nourishing and great for your hair and who knows if the barren scalp will also ... Read More »

Top 10 Best uses of CocaCola

Coca-coal recently celebrated its 129th birthday and this infamous drink is nowhere waiting to close down. Have more than 1,730,000,000 users in across 200 countries Coke has come a long way of once having cocaine (which was true till 1903) and to the latest controversies of dying if eaten with a Mentos. Below listed are top 10 incredible uses of Coke.   1) Make your own exploding fountain: Empty ten Mentos and add it into One liter Coke bottle to see the fountain burst roof-top in front of your eyes. This if ingested is not killing but creates a rather strong puking sensation and subsequent vomiting. But, when you can have a private fountain to see why feel it and fail to see it.  2) Prevent Asthma and kidney stones  : On the onset of an asthma attack, gulp down the entire coke can in an hours’ difference for two consecutive ... Read More »

Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters

Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters The subject of UFOs is one on which each person has an opinion of his believe. Some people think that UFOs are travelers from other planets. We actually live in thrilling times, as date by date, more and more is exposed about the universe to show this to be empirically factual. Personally I think that, in near future, the reality of intellectual extra worldly life in the universe will be seen to be self evident. Let’s discuss Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters. 1. The bowling green ghost In the night of12th Feb, 2010, enduring mystic ghost, Mr. Roy Shaw was walking with his dog in Devon in England.  As it was traveling around the silent streets of his area, he was shocked by an odd object floating on the sky. The object gradually moved closer to his direction it was circular in shape, it balanced itself ... Read More »

Top 10 ways to offend people in other countries

Gestures play an important role to human behaviour, in general it accustoms to the cultural value of that human or place of stay. It’s important for travellers to remember some of the etiquette points to get away from strange situations. Cultures vary dramatically in different religions with respect to different places. We are here to make you aware of peculiar gestures made in different countries around the world. Take a look at the top ten ways to offend people in other countries. 1). Keep your fingers to yourself In Philippines, beckoning someone with a curled finger signifies that you are referring a person as a dog and is considered as an offense. In particular if you are found doing, so you may have your finger broken off in terms of punishment for the crime. Consequently this may debar you from visiting Philippines. So better be careful to keep your fingers ... Read More »