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Top 10 historical events that changed the world

Introduction of Steam Engine

Since the inception this earth has witnessed many events. These events come and simply vanish from the minds of people like a soap bubble. But, there are some others those take its place in history to be remembered for ever. They bring changes with them; the change that teaches lesson to the whole world. It may be revolutionary, and at the same time it can be destructive that no one wants to repeat. The compilation given below presents a list of such important events. We have shortlisted top 10 historical events that changed the world. Introduction of Steam Engine:   This was like a first step towards the advancement that these contemporary people are enjoying these days. Legendary character James Watt was the prime protagonist behind the introduction. However, the major transformation occurred in 1804 in the form of high pressure engine. Later on, during 1811 the specialized long railway paths were ... Read More »

Top 10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

The girl who collapses every time she laughs

This is a surprising world. The more we claim to have the understandings of its concept, the more peculiar it gets. We humans are having a proposed system that we all follow, and it has been made in accordance with our biological equations. We all appear to be having similar gestures as well. However, we are going to introduce you with a bunch of people those are way away of these conventional things. 200 Orgasms a Day! How to deal this! This is what you must be thinking, but Sarah Careman is having something as an issue. She just gets excited from anything! This is called as Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome in medical language. It hikes the blood flow towards the sex organs. Unfortunately no boyfriend can continue with her failing to satisfy her sex demand. Source-http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/0311_200_orgasms.shtml Water Can Be Allergic as well: Believe it or not, she is having ... Read More »

Top Magical Powers of Rudraksha

Top Magical Powers of Rudraksha

‘Rudra’s Eyes’ or ‘Rudraksa’ ( in Sanskrit) is an evergreen large tree that bears leaves in a broad shape. The seed of this tree, which has the shape of a brain, is usually used for prayers in Hinduism.  The main types of trees used for the production of beads are of the tree of Elaeocarpus and E. ganitrus. The Sanskrit word is derived of the meaning Shiva (Rudra) and eyes (Aksha). It is believed to be a gift of God Shiva to human beings for lessening all pain and suffering in this world. Since time immemorial, Asiatic Yogis and Hindus all over the world have believed and felt the tranquillity, serenity and peace guaranteed by the beads of Rudraksha. Hinduism also believes that each cleft on the beads called mukhis relieve the person wearing it, of all the sins of his karma from the generation before. How does Rudraksha Work? ... Read More »

Never underestimate the power of love: The boy (who was a girl) love with a girl who actually was a boy ..Unbelievable!!!!

boy loves trasgender

This young couple, Arin Andrews and Katie Hill really had a rough time growing up because of their sex (gender) identities. There were victims of discrimination and harassment and they were always dejected. Arin and Andrew met in Tulsa, Olka at a Trans support group and after they saw each other, they fell in love immediately with each other and nothing in the whole world could stop this young couple at that moment. image source-dailymail.co.uk In an interview with the Daily Mail, Katie Hill said that after she saw his boyfriend, she knew at moment that they were meant perfectly for each other not only because he was handsome but also because the both of them had the same  difficulties in their childhood. Katie continued that they both have the same size, 5, and often they exchange old clothes that their parents bought them, she also said that they are ... Read More »

Ten Reasons why women should not worship or enter holy places during menstruation

Ten Reasons why women should not worship or enter holy places during menstruation

The topic of menstruation itself is a very controversial one since man has started thinking beyond all superstitions or blind beliefs. Although, ignoring the scriptures of a dozen religions is worthless as they cannot be all wrong. Below are ten main points why women were not permitted on the holy grounds or in worshipping God while on menses. 1)   Mood Swings A menstruating woman, as we all know has a zillion mood swings. Anything and everything can trigger her to get angry or irate her. The hormonal activities may make the woman to behave out of her normal ways, were one reason that they were prohibited in a holy place. Also, the PMS could hinder normal thought process to cause annoyance which might result in a unpredictably distasteful behaviour against the code of sacred places. 2)      Physical ailments Menstruation brings with it unwarranted pains all over the body. For some ... Read More »