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Top 10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

Top 10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

This is a surprising world. The more we claim to have the understandings of its concept, the more peculiar it gets. We humans are having a proposed system that we all follow, and it has been made in accordance with our biological equations. We all appear to be having similar gestures as well. However, we are going to introduce you with a bunch of people those are way away of these conventional things.

200 Orgasms a Day!

How to deal this! This is what you must be thinking, but Sarah Careman is having something as an issue. She just gets excited from anything! This is called as Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome in medical language. It hikes the blood flow towards the sex organs. Unfortunately no boyfriend can continue with her failing to satisfy her sex demand.


Water Can Be Allergic as well:

Believe it or not, she is having the above issue. You will be taken aback when you get to know that even sweating reacts with her body. The 19 years old from Australia is allergic to H2O at any state. The problem occurred when she was 14. In medical language it is being called Aquagenic Urticaria. Anyway, you can call the disease by her name as it’s too rare to find anywhere else.


 There is Nothing Too Cool in this Earth:


Put him on the surface of the Ice, he can simply sleep on it like anything. For his typical behaviour he is also known as the Iceman. Oh, we forget to introduce, he is Wim Hof from Denmark we are talking about.

The particular behaviour has simply screwed the brain of the scientists.


This Boy has no time to sleep:

Introducing Rhett Lamb, the 3 years old is absolutely contradictory to his contemporaries. He is always available live and doing something or the others all over the day. It has been creating a lot of problems for his parents and doctors. The medical people have to term this as Chiari Malformation. Basically, this occurs due to certain differences in brain.

Fats Fear This Man:

Actresses are going to be jealousy about this personality. He is the man who is having the fortunate that the contemporary trimmed actresses dream about. Mr. Perry never gets fats. No matter you bring burgers, Pizzas or any other with high fat content; they simply can’t accumulate at Perry’s body. In medical language, it is being called Lipodystrophy. He was very fat till 12, but suddenly he lost his weight dur to the above implication. Interestingly, he produces 6 times more insulin than anyone else.

 She gets collapsed with little laugh

The girl who collapses every time she laughs

You will simply hesitate to talk with her. This beautiful young lady, Kay Underwood suffers with Cataplexy. She just gets collapsed with a little laugh. The situation leads towards unbelievable declining of strength with her muscles. As a consequence of the disease, she has to suffer with loss of sleep as well.


No Hair, Only Finger Nails

This is perhaps the most confusing medical case one has ever witnessed. Shanyan Isom suffered from an allergic reaction with a medicine for the treatment of asthma. After that she is is simply getting consumed by the nails, and doctors are clueless about it. She is producing about 12 times more skin cells in place of the hairs. She has arranged a foundation to collect money for the treatment.Source

She Remembers Everything:


This is certainly a unique syndrome. AJ, the 40 years old woman is having a great memory space to have every detail she comes across in life. To test her you can secretly pick an event and enquiry about it. We bet, you will be amazed and get defeated by her. The syndrome is known as hyperthymestic syndrome in medical language.

She has the allergy with technology:

Can you imagine a life without your mobile? Impossible is what you are going say. But, unfortunately Debbie Bird has to deal with such a life. She is allergic to this kind of equipments. The electromagnetic field that these devices create cause reactions in her skin, and produces swellings. She has to stay at an emf free area at her working place to avoid the situation.

Only Tic tacs for survivals!

Natalie Cooper gets unwell with almost anything she eats. However, the Tic tac mint work well for her. This is something the doctors are not getting in their theory book to find a term. Her stomach doesn’t allow anything



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