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Lekar Hum DeewanaDil – Yet another college romance flick

Lekar Hum DeewanaDil – Yet another college romance flick

When girl and boy meet, sparks fly immediately! Not in Lekar Hum DeewanaDil, because the girl and boy are best friends and then it dawns upon them that they love each other. Released on 4th July 2014, this typical college love story has garnered rather negative reviews from critics all over India and the world. LHDD is the directorial debut of Imtiaz Ali’s brother, Arif Ali but lacks Imtiaz’s charm. A lack lustre romance, the film’s music by A.R. Rahman too has not helped bring any shine to a script that sounds promising in the beginning, but is highly predictable and goes all downhill as the movie progresses. It is Armaan Jain’s debut film with fresh face Deeksha Seth, where the girl has shown more promise than the boy who hails from the famous ‘Kapoor Khaan-daan’. Also, produced by Saif Ali Khan along with Dinesh Vijan and Sunil Lulla under the banners Eros International and Illuminati Films, LHDD is a bland film.

20 year old rich, spoilt kids and best buddies Dino (Armaan) and Karishma (Deeksha) elope when her father wants to get her married to a man she does not know. They both believe they are very much in love and flee from Goa to Nagpur to the forests of Chhattisgarh! Soon, the illusion breaks and they start having small differences over sex and hygiene etc.

An example of lazy script writing unfurls as an unintentionally hilarious or moreover lame scene in the ‘Naxalite’ region with the ‘Naxals’ plays in front of the audience. Lekar Hum DeewanaDil is nowhere close to ‘Saathiya’ which had captured the impulsive marriage theme extremely well. Armaan Jain has a pleasant personality but is still raw and unpolished in terms of delivering an onscreen performance. Deeksha displays a good level of confidence through the film, but the film does nothing for these two talented youngsters.

A boring storyline, phoney dialogues, predictable plot and juvenile humour will make you want two hours to pass away as fast as possible. Rohini Hattangadi’s performance stands out in a film full of stereotypical characters as she plays the perspective judge at the family court.  The film also uses modern day slang in the dialogues but it does nothing to pep up the story. It’s as unnecessary as the other distractions in the film like the romantic subplot for Dino’s bumbling older brother. Armaan’s character is interesting, but the script does not do justice to it. He is someone who loves adventure and does stuff without thinking. Deeksha has some potential too, as she appears confident even with very little make-up, simple clothes and hairdos. The dialogue delivery is normal without any filmy touches and that is one good thing about this film.

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Box office report

LHDD has had an uneventful opening at the box office, not to mention the dull occupancy.  The film opened at the box office with Rs. 50 lakhs and raked only 55 lakhs on the first Saturday taking its total to 1.05 crore. The net total earning of Lekar Hum DeewanaDil is Rs. 2 crore. “Lekar Hum DeewanaDil isn’t even a satisfying rom-com about squabbling lovers. The humour is consistently juvenile, the climax so obvious you’ve guessed it long before it arrives, and the dialogue phoney despite being peppered with modern-day slang.” quotes Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN. Well, that sums it all up!


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