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Never underestimate the power of love: The boy (who was a girl) love with a girl who actually was a boy ..Unbelievable!!!!

Never underestimate the power of love: The boy (who was a girl) love with a girl who actually was a boy ..Unbelievable!!!!

This young couple, Arin Andrews and Katie Hill really had a rough time growing up because of their sex (gender) identities. There were victims of discrimination and harassment and they were always dejected.

Arin and Andrew met in Tulsa, Olka at a Trans support group and after they saw each other, they fell in love immediately with each other and nothing in the whole world could stop this young couple at that moment.


In an interview with the Daily Mail, Katie Hill said that after she saw his boyfriend, she knew at moment that they were meant perfectly for each other not only because he was handsome but also because the both of them had the same  difficulties in their childhood. Katie continued that they both have the same size, 5, and often they exchange old clothes that their parents bought them, she also said that they are both so happy to be together because that is what they have always wished for and they wouldn’t change a thing if it were to happen again. Nobody seems to note any difference about their physical appearance and they secretly feel so go good about it because that’s what they wanted the world to view them. Katie requested her parents that for her 15th birthday, she wanted to be transitioned into who she is today.

Katie, who is 19 years now, lived her life for the first 15 years as Luke and Arin who is 17 years now, was born as a girl, Emerald and had surgery in 2011 where her breasts were removed and made her transform to a handsome lad.

Despite their lovely identities today, the journey to where they are now was full of difficulties and hinders but as we all know, nothing good comes without a price.

From an interview with the Sun, Andrews stated that he had always hated his breasts so much and he constantly had a feeling that they didn’t belong in his body and e is more comfortable than ever with his new physique. He continued that no he can be able to go to the gym and lift weights; he can freely go the public pool without anyone realizing that he was once a she. He is male and he can stay shirtless and be like any other normal guy, something he wouldn’t be able to do in the past. He added that he is so lucky to have Katie and his supportive and loving family. Andrews said that having Arin and understanding her better than any other person as they are both the same makes him a whole and makes him feel food in a very special way.

Katie’s mum informed Tulsa World that being familiar with what her daughter had to go through for 8+ years, no other feeling in the world upsets worse than bearing in mind and seeing own child undergo suffering. She went on to say that she is still her baby and she still loves her unconditionally, it doesn’t matter the gender. Andrews’s mother has similar thoughts about her son and she informed the mirror that Andrews was so motivated and inspired and it was very assisting to see what Katie experienced.

                                                                   Andrews as a child                        Katie at a young age      

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The story of these young lovebirds teaches us that nothing is impossible in the world of love. It’s an inspiration to all the transgender who are not secure about their appearance and try a lot to fit in society. The smiles on the teenagers’ faces say it all. Don’t be afraid to do what you want, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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Never underestimate the power of love: The boy (who was a girl) love with a girl who actually was a boy ..Unbelievable!!!! by

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