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Top 10 most unusual baby girl names

Top 10 most unusual baby girl names

With the naming business of little boys and girls, getting more difficult as the humanity drains its resources for generating unique names, it seems that parents have taken into naming their little girls after fashion magazines, celebrities and cool drinks!

The following  list shows the top 10 unusual baby girl names


1)  Pepsi

Named after the popular drink, Pepsi, this year a lot of baby girls are named in reverent alive memory of the much popular frizzy drink from Pepsico. To compare other drinks in the market, Coca Cola sure did come into the baby-name-market ages before the Pepsi debut! Maybe Fanta and Mirinda got the parents to dig their brains more but all the same, settle with the rhyming names of Santa and Brinda!

2) Olympia

Coined probably by one of the happy couples in the rush of Olympics, Olympia has become a sudden a viral name after the recent Olympics, for baby girls! One of the finest memorabilia of fusion, Olympia would be an evergreen name to choose if the ‘miracle’ happened on the relevant date or at the Olympics!

3) London

Another souvenir of the London Olympics 2012, London came to the surface with couple of other cities of the 2012 Olympics, featuring in for the christening factor.  London is one of the most beautiful cites as well as a pride name for a girl to be named after, statistics emphasise.

4)  Reem

The popular catchphrase of Joey Essex that translates from a popular dialect of Essex to ‘good’ is one of the best popular names for a baby girl of our era. Joey Essex has titled his autobiography Reem and might just find it beyond excitement that the reason behind parents naming their kid ‘Reem’, is definitely to commemorate his autobiography, life and celebration of it through others.

5)  Sorrel

Popularly known for the cooking reasons, the herb Sorrel has been brought to the limelight with the help of the popular International Cookery show Masterchef and such. The popular baby girl name of the current aesthetics, Sorrel has ambiguous meanings. The first definition of this homographic word describes it as an herb with acid-flavoured category of leaves, good for salad. The second meaning defines it as light brown or brownish orange.

6)  Vogue

Named after the internationally infamous fashion magazine Vogue, Vogue is one of them sot sought after baby-girl names of the present.  Apart from the magazine, The Vogue is also the name of a band as well as Madonna’s famous tracks. Although, parents assert that their little girl’s is named after the exquisite fashionista, Vogue that has been active since 1916.


Named after the popular children’s series of Television show, Peppa Pig, Peppa has become one of the loveliest naming for baby girls currently. The pig titled Peppa is an anthropomorphic animal with friends from all species. The show features on Nickelodeon, ABS Kids and Channel 5.

8)  Arya

Named after the courageous little Arya stark of Game of thrones, Arya is one of the oldest Indian names, first christened in reverence of the Great Indian Mathematician, Aryabhatta. The strong and bold young character of GOT, Arya has become one of the most favourite characters for every GOT fan and this definitely is a gem to let your little girl have and to grow up with.

9)      Nirvana

The popular Kurt Cobain band Nirvana of the 90s is strictly the inspiration of the name Nirvana. The word originates from Sanskrit, translating to ‘blown out’ alongside the reference of a candle, mostly in Buddhism. Formed in 1987, Nirvana is one of the most popular bands of 80s and delivered music in the genres of grunge and alternative rock.

10)   Tea

Needless to say, the parents of ‘Tea’’ are strictly in love with tea or were perhaps vacationing in one of the tea plantation honeymoon destinations. Tea is one of the shortest, efficient and beautiful names to opt for a baby girl, pronounced also as Taya, in reference to the accent after a. Translating to goddess and gift of god, Tea’ originates from the Greece equivalents of Theodora or Theresa.

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