Monday , 5 September 2016
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Something that cannot be expressed but can only be felt!!! Watch this video and will certainly leave you in tears………


image In a world of parental love, it’s unusual that around 30% of the children are deprived of parental love at their initial years of living. Its a miracle of the genes that raced down from our ancestors makes a child’s love for her mother more significant. This video relates to a child’s unconditional love for her mother that would certainly make the whole world into tears. It leaves a message, nothing is greater and nothing stands tall before the love of mother. Read More »



How would it feel when your body discharges electric current all the time? Meet Slavisa Pajkic, from Serbia’s Pozarevac county, who is also known as “BATTERY MAN” for his amazing ability to withstand high voltage without getting hurt. Two times Guinness record holder is aiming for the third time. Just check his ability… Mind-blowing!! Read More »

Baby Formation In the Womb – Amazing Video

Baby formation in womb

Hi Friends I just found this video In Facebook and thought to share with you. Its just Amazing and I’m just speechless after seeing this. Its so beautifully done to explain God’s creation and how the baby is formed in the mother’s womb in 9 months.   You will enjoy. Thanks to  the creator.     Read More »