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Top 10 Most Amazing Tourist Destinations in France

Top 10 Most Amazing Tourist Destinations in France

In this holiday season if you are looking for the recommendations for making a one stop destination to witness many things, then we would definitely suggest you to visit France. There is no scarcity of the tourist spots in France. There are enough options to book a place in your heart here.  Anyway, never forget to step your foot at these locations upon visiting France. Have a look!

Chartres Cathedral

Most Amazing Tourist Destinations in France

If you are having any doubt regarding the ancient architectural skills, then have a visit for the place; you will certainly have nothing like that in mind. Interesting to mention here is that it hasn’t been introduced with any sort of revamps, or changes. Chartres Cathedral has certainly become able in keeping the 13th century creature live the way it was.


Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

It is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in France. French people are very much proud of their ancient luxury, and dignity of their kingdom. And, the Palace of Versailles is one of the best assets of the France to show case. Being equipped with catchy architecture, to awesome apparels, the place is blessed with all possible beauty.

WW1 Battlefields

top tourist places in France

Being one of the biggest witnesses of the most crucial historic events, the World War One clash field is a most visited tourist places in the France. Though the fact associated with the place will be providing a bitter taste for the world ever, but in recent time it has certainly displayed the perfect example of unity and brotherhood over the globe.

Dune of Pyla

Dune of Pyla

Nature and architecture are at the classical best in the place. It is considered the most towered sand dune in the entire Europe. It is a heavenly sight at the top of the dune. In fact, the place has been blessed naturally with a perfect location. It is having the Atlantic coast and the creek of the cove at one part, and a mammoth wood at the other.

Chateau de Chambord

Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord is the most rushy zone, and a really classic thing to be displayed of the revolutionary France. It holds a really antique history. The first brick of this incredible creature was put during the early 1500s. Initially it was made with the intention of a resting zone while hunting. There are even more than 400 rooms in the entire place.

Nimes Arena

Nimes Arena

The place has been the centre of attraction for the tourists in France since a long while. Especially, it’s a favourite destination for those interested in witnessing the classic things of this world. It is the evident of the finest Roman arena in the entire world. It’s now apparent that the place is having a special interest for the Romans. There is an intuitive guide and elaborated stuffs to introduce with a new definition of life.

Eiffel Tower

best tourist spots in the France

Is it necessary to introduce you with the place? We really don’t think it is required; still we can’t help to mention. Considered one of the most romantic places over the globe, the Eiffel Tower touches the sky. This iron memorial was made during the later 1800s and presents one of the best engineering works.  In accordance with the name of chief engineer Gustave Eiffel, the place is called these days as Eiffel tower.

D-Day Sites

tourist attractions in France

This is one of the best tourist spots in the France, especially in terms of a family place. It is considered the biggest and most vital clash time acts over the history. The place has a lot to be discovered itself from the beaches, and it is having enough in the museums showing the historic values of the D-Days in addition with the zones of acts by particular troops and above ground troops.


Grotte de Font de Gaume

the tourist spots in France

Forget about the history, the destination is beyond it being one of the most enthralling archaic destinations over the globe, and one of the frequently moved places irrespective of the age groups. You can evident here with a great line-up of exciting wall paints from the contemporary as well as ancient times.


Mont Saint-Michel

Top 10 Most Amazing Tourist Destinations in France

This beautiful and cute island destined is located at terrific scenery. If you are someone crazy about the nature, then the place is an appropriate recommendation for you. Staying at the top of a rocky island the place presents the nature at its best.  It is a fine option to relax and take a happy breath with your entire family.

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