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Top 10 Famous People with Marfan syndrome

Top 10 Famous People with Marfan syndrome

Some people are too proud of their body. Perhaps that’s the reason that God brings alteration in biological equation those are called the syndrome. The interesting part is that these groups of people with syndrome are talented enough to be like the mockery for the above mentioned so-called proud groups. The compilation given below is about such talents with Marfan syndrome, which is basically a tissue disorder disease. People suffering from this are often found with unconventional longer arms, joint problems, etc.

Let’s checkout Top 10 Famous People with Marfan syndrome.

Flo Hyman:

Flo Hyman.famous people with marfan syndrome

She deserves the top place in the list being a woman. This United States Volley ball player has bagged a prestigious Olympic Silver medal. The whole world got sympathetic at her unfortunate death during a volley ball match in Japan. She was unconventionally 6.5 inches tall due to the Marfan syndrome.

Jonathan Larson:

Jonathan Larson great people with marfan syndrome

Here we come with another character of our interest from the United States. Jonathan had bagged dramatic popularity with the exhibition of unique composing. Anyway, it was too shocking for the whole world that he died prior to his opening musical extravaganza.

Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln Marfan syndrome

The whole world knows him. But, we bet very few knows the fact that even the most powerful personality in the globe, the president of United State can also suffer from the Marfan Syndrome. His different physical appearance very well indicates towards it.


Michael Phelps:

Michael Phelps

It won’t be wrong to term him synonymous for the word success. Phelps has set a milestone that is a nightmare for the contemporaries. Anyway, his unusual pair of hands of more than 208 cms puts him under the scanner of Marfan syndrome, though he has never agreed with it.

Vincent Schiavelli:

Vincent Schiavelli people with Marfan syndrome

The syndrome made the whole world miss for this fine actor. Vincent is said to be the first person in limelight being diagnosed with the kind of disorder. The syndrome gradually made huge impact on his lungs and eventually took his life in 2005. Anyway, he will be in the memory of the millions with his ever green acting skills.

Osama Bin Laden:

Osama Bin Laden

When the terror gets a human body it is called Osama Bin Laden. This devil of destruction was affected with Marfan syndrome that very few people know. The syndrome makes him a very tall personality with a different gesture.


Robert Johnson:

Robert Johnson

He was one of the youngest personalities to get captured by death due to the syndrome. His style of playing guitar was a point of attraction for the fans. But, the fact is that it was due to the baffles caused by Marfan syndrome. Johnson is said to be suffering with most complex form of the disease.


 John Tavener:

John Tavener

Though John lived for a decent period of time, but his life was full of physical pain due to the syndrome. At the age of 69 this musical left the world, but will definitely be there in millions of hearts with all his deeds.

Bradford Cox:

Bradford Cox:

He is another popular name unfortunately to be there in the list. Apart from being a guitarist, Brad was a fine actor and writer as well. The world made fun of his syndrome, but Brad made it as his strength, and rest the whole world knows.

Niccolo Paganini:

Niccolo Paganini

This famous Italian artist was also affected with the syndrome. However, the syndrome was somehow like a blessing for him as he was having a great flexibility. His extremely tall gesture and unconventional thin body puts him under the category.

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