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Top 10 most beautiful and cutest Cat breeds

Top 10 most beautiful and cutest Cat breeds

Besides dogs, cats are the other favorite pets for the human race. They are as cute as young kids, which helps them get the unconditional love of their owners. It has been said that people tend to feel relaxed and stress free in the company of their pet cats. There are many adorable looking cat breeds in the world.

Listed below are the top 10 cutest cat breeds:

1. Siamese

Siamese cats

Leading among the cutest cat breeds is the friendly Siamese breed. The characteristic feature of this breed is that these cats are a stubborn lot, making them behave in a baby like manner. The blue eyed cats yearn for the attention of their owners, making them even cuter. They are friendly felines, who communicate with humans by using bodily signals. This species love to snuggle up with its owner at bedtime.

2. Ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats

This roly poly breed comes next in the list of most beautiful cat breeds. The soft bodied ragdoll cats reach up to 20 pounds and love to stay in the arms of the owner, rather than playing around. All this doubles up the cuteness of this breed. However, the owners need to be extra careful about not leaving them alone as these creatures cannot ward away attackers such as dogs.

3. Munchkin Cats

Munchkin Cats

On the third position in this list comes the cat breed called Munchkin. This playful breed quarrels soon and makes up even sooner. Being cuddled up is their favorite pastime. This is considered to be a relatively new feline breed.

4. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

This is a beautiful breed of cats, well known for its great looking body, soft tail and comes in nearly 20 different colors. This breed is popular with humans on account of its intelligence and communication tactics. However, this breed is considered to be very mischievous and playful. The blue eyed Turkish Angora cats are deaf.

5. Persian cats

Persian cats

Next on the list of beautiful cat breeds comes the Persian cat, with its soft furry body. The cats belonging to this breed are known to be lazy and sluggish by nature and they also need a great deal of care with respect to the maintenance of fur. They keep licking their fur, but do not like bathing. Good care and nutrition of this breed prolongs their life up to 15-20 years.

6. Manx Cats

Manx Cats

Manx, the breed without a tail comes next among the prettiest cat breeds. Manx cats love to stay with their owners and enjoy their company. Besides being very cute, another characteristic about this breed is their loyalty towards their masters. Manx cats are sociable creatures and love to interact with humans.

7. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The distinctive shape of “M” on their brow makes this breed different from all other cats. These cats are friendly and cheerful by nature and love to interact with humans. Another amazing thing about this breed is that they can replicate the sound of birds. Another thing which distinguishes this breed from the rest is that they are not scared of water.

8. Abyssinian


This breed is also called the sacred cats as they belong to the Egyptian period. Possessing an athletic and muscular physique, these cats have an ability to jump high. Besides their strength, the Abyssinian cats are popular for their cuteness. These cats are however too exploring in nature and sometimes cause destruction at home, by breaking things or even devouring your food.

9. Himalayan cats

Himalayan cats

Another breed counted among the cutest cat breeds is the Himalayan breed, which has a cute face and innocent eyes. These cats have the quality of childlike innocence. This dainty breed has short legs, which makes them is unable to jump or climb very high, but still has made a place in this list. These calm cats are susceptible to kidney problems and need special care and grooming.

10. Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats

As the name implies, this feline breed has a leopard like skin, coming in a wide array of colors, from copper to brown and grey. The large spots on their skin give them a wild look. Playfulness and intelligence are the characteristic features of the Bengal cats. They are also good learners, which makes training them an easy job.

All these are the best known breeds of the cutest cats, which every cat lover will love to own!!

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