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Top 10 driest places on Earth

Top 10 driest places on Earth

Anyone who has ever experienced floods and maybe had a chance to enjoy a drenched and wet region, then the driest place on earth is the last place they want to be. There are places on earth that hardly receive rainfall at all. However how dry and uncomfortable these places might be, most countries take it to their advantage and see it as a tourist attraction. So if you are an adventurous person, here are the top ten driest places on earth.

Callao – Peru

Callao - Peru

El Callao or Callao in Peru is the most crucial and biggest port. Bordered by Lima Province in the north, south and east; Callao also boarders the Pacific Ocean to the west. Islands like El, Fronton, San Lorenzo, Palominos and the Cavinzas can be found in the region. The average rainfall that this region receives is less than 12.192mm. The region has been mentioned in famous comic books and is regarded a favorite travel spot for most people.

 Aoulef – Algeria

 Aoulef - Algeria

Aoulef represents a town in Algeria that is covered with vast miles of endless desert. Dry and hot air from other surrounding deserts makes Aoulef the driest region in Algeria. The area receives only 12.19mm of rainfall annually. Only the palm trees around the town will make the scorching heat bearable for a while.

Pelican Point – Namibia

Pelican Point - Namibia

Famous for its amazing surfing spots, the Pelican point will come as a shocker to many as one of the driest places on earth. Regarded as an oasis for this South African country, the place gets about 8.13mm of rainfall annually. The Pelican Point is seen as a neighborhood of the west of Australia.

Iquique – Chile

Iquique - Chile

Iquique represents a port city in Chile that has the Atacama Desert surrounding it. With only a mere 5.08mm of annual rainfall, the rain is only available in January and February. However, the city boasts beautiful beaches a thing that seems to fight the current predicament.

Wadi Halfa – Sudan

Wadi Halfa - Sudan

At the shores of the Lake Nasser you will find the city of Wadi Halfa. The Nubian Desert is found here and lies just at the eastern edge surrounded by the Sahara. With an average population of around 15,000, the region receives about 2.45mm of rainfall throughout the year.

Ica – Peru

Ica - Peru

Ica city is found along the Ica River and the desert coastal region. The city is also close to the all famous Atacama Desert. As on of the driest places on earth, the region receives just less than 2.29mm of precipitation a year. This dry climate is said to be a good environment for asthma patients and draws many tourists.

Luxor – Egypt

Luxor - Egypt

Luxor is an Egyptian city that largely contributes to the Northern African country tourism revenue. But the ran received here is rare with only 0mm to 6mm of rainfall being received in a month. In a year, the city will receive a mere 0.862mm of rain. Temperatures also vary greatly during daytime and at night.

Aswan – Egypt

Aswan - Egypt

Aswan is regarded as one of the hottest cities on earth. The climate here is quite hot and dry. There can only be about 1mm to 2mm of rainfall in 5 years. Annually, the rainfall is about 0.86mm. Aswan is actually the driest populated place on earth. In 2001 it had been reported that any amount of rain was last recorded seven years ago.

Atacama Desert – Chile

Atacama Desert - Chile

Located in South America, the Atacama Desert is said not to have received any significant amount of rainfall since the 16th century. In fact a number of weather stations inside Atacama have not been known to record any rain. Annual rainfall is 0.76mm.

Dry Valleys – Antarctica

Dry Valleys - Antarctica

Antarctica is known for its glaciers, ice and vast dryness. Dry Valleys in Antarctica have been regarded as one of the driest places on earth. The region gets no rainfall at all without any humidity whatsoever. In fact the ecosystem at these valleys is said to be the same as the on Mars.

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