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Top 10 tallest active volcanoes In The World

Top 10 tallest active volcanoes In The World

Volcanoes are result of the movement of tectonic plates that are present in the Earth’s core. There are some inactive and active volcanoes around the world. Inactive volcanoes remain inactive for over 10,000 years while the active volcanoes generate magma in these many years. According to the research and reports there are approximately 1500 active volcanoes. Let us look at the top 10 tallest active volcanoes.

Antofalla, 6450 meters

Antofalla, 6450 meters

This is considered to be the most tallest and active volcanoes which exist in the remote areas of Salar de Antofalla in northern Argentina. It is exactly situated in the southern Puna plateau of NW Argentina and is also situated 100km away from the main Cordillera Occidental volcanic arc.


Guallatiri, 6060 meters


Situated in Northern Chile, Guallatiri contains lava dome and emits thick form of lava from the lower northern and western flanks. Major volcano eruptions at this place have been observed in 1985, 1959, 1960, 1908, and 1825.


Cotopaxi, 5987 meters

Cotopaxi volcano

source-wikipedia author-Gerard Prins

This is a strato volcano that is located in Andes Mountains which is about 50km south of Quito in South America. Reports say that since 1738, Cotopaxi Volcano has erupted more than 50 times and has demolished many valleys that were formed on this region.


Sangay, 5320 meters

Sangay Volcano

This is another stratovolcano that is situated in Ecuador in South America. This active volcano has erupted more than three times and it is still continued since 1934. Besides, the volcano is surrounded by mountain tapirs, king vultures, giant otters and more. Moreover, mountain climbing at this place can prove to be little dangerous due to its bad climatic conditions, falling ejecta, and river flooding.


Kluchevskaya, 4850 meters

Kluchevskaya volcano

image source

This stratovolcano is considered to be the highest active volcano in the regions of Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. It is also a part of the natural Volcanoes of Kamchatka UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first volcano eruption took place in 1697 and it is still going on ever since.


Wrangell, 4269 meters

MountWrangell volcano

Situated in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska, Wrangell is one of the most massive volcanoes with a volume of 220 cubic miles and over. This volcano features an ice filled cedar and the eruptions has been recorded in the history and it is still going on.


Mauna Loa, 4171 meters

Mauna_Loa Volcano


This volcano is located in the Hawaii islands and is also considered to be the largest one in Hawaii islands in Unites States. Besides, it has the capacity of holding 18,000 cubic miles of magma.


Galeras, 4083 meters

“Volcán Galeras – Pasto – Colombia“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

This volcano is located in Colombia and has been active for million years. Besides, the 1993 eruption caused lot of damage in the nearby area and killed nine people including the six scientists who were present at the location and descended into the crater for experiments.


Cameroon, 4070 meters

Cameroon volcano

“Mount Cameroon craters” by User:Amcaja – Taken by uploader with Kodak CX6200 digital camera. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Situated near the gulf of Guinea, this volcano is also a part of Cameroon line which is spread across Annobon Island and Cameroon.


Acatenango, 3959 meters

Acatenango Volcano

“Volcan de Fuego y Acatenango” by Javier Ruata – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

This volcano is situated close to the city of Antigua and features two peaks, Pico Mayor and Yepocapa.


These are the highest and active volcanoes of the world that have been recorded in the history for their continuous eruption.

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