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Top 10 historical events that changed the world
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Top 10 historical events that changed the world

Since the inception this earth has witnessed many events. These events come and simply vanish from the minds of people like a soap bubble. But, there are some others those take its place in history to be remembered for ever. They bring changes with them; the change that teaches lesson to the whole world. It may be revolutionary, and at the same time it can be destructive that no one wants to repeat. The compilation given below presents a list of such important events. We have shortlisted top 10 historical events that changed the world.

Introduction of Steam Engine:

Introduction of Steam Engine

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This was like a first step towards the advancement that these contemporary people are enjoying these days. Legendary character James Watt was the prime protagonist behind the introduction. However, the major transformation occurred in 1804 in the form of high pressure engine. Later on, during 1811 the specialized long railway paths were made those provoke the industrialization in  a great way.

World War I

World war 1



It won’t be wrong to say the civilization that we are witnessing today is the result of many curse. After so much blood flow this human realized the fatigue that a war creates. On this aspect, the World War I is a major event that this earth will keep in mind for ever. About 40 million people were affected due to this occurrence.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing:


Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombing

August 6, and 9 in 1945, both these days will remain as the black days forever in the minds of the people all over the world. It is equally scary and destructive to feel, no matter you witness it in real or not. The destruction that resulted into millions of death and physically handicapped made these humans promise for a peaceful living.

Cold War:


Cold war

The Second World War was finished. But, the inertia was not ready to stop. The consequence that it produced is known as the cold war for this world. It was a baffling situation as the apprehension was at the peak between the U.S and Soviet Union despite any physical war had occurred. However, the fear led towards nuclear conflict. Eventually, the conflict moved towards rift between China and Soviet Union. Anyway, these events made it realized about a peaceful solution for any issue is the best possible option.

Indian Independence:

independence day

This is certainly considered one of the major revolutionary movements that have occurred. After being under the British rule, the Indians got freedom after a whole 200 years. Apart from the longest duration, the incident holds many crucial aspects for the world history.  The concept of democracy, secularism got a great boost after this historic movement. Above all, the non-violence movement was exemplary for the whole world.

Introduction of Computers:


introduction of computers

This is something without which the present world can’t be even imagined. Charles Babbage has discovered something that the whole world has gone a fan of it. The folks over 19th century were fortunate enough to come across with the preliminary stage of this wonderful device.

Fight against Racism:


Fight against Racism

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Whenever someone talks about this, the picture of the great Nelson Mandela comes in mind. The anti apartheid movement inhibited a great blunder that the humans were getting responsible for. Especially, the movement generated post destructive World War II. The prime protagonists were the members of National party. Anyway, Nelson provided the necessary direction that it was looking for.

Introduction of Antibiotics:


Introduction to antibiotics


The very proud health science should certainly be submissive near Selman Waksman and his team for the introduction of the term antibiotics. It was something through which the fatal microbes could be introduced against its resistive materials directly, that makes the healing process simpler and quicker. However, the biochemical combinations those we are witnessing in present days appeared during 20th century.

Journey to Outer Space:


Outer space station


Yuri Gagarin put the first brick to make the journey onto outer space. The process completed on 12th April, 1961. However, this extra-ordinary attempt made Gagarin crowned with the Hero of Soviet Union award. At present scenario, there are many satellites revolving around moon and other planets. Even the humans have started enquiring about the life beyond sun. But, all these are possible because of Yuri’s brave attempt.

The Web:




Life has become faster, the world is a very small place; all these motivating confident statements are accepted these days due to the above particular invention. It was the outcome of the research conducted by the US government, the process of which initiated during 1960. However, the finishing touch of it was given during 1980s. It won’t be wrong to say that the world is completely dependent and addicted to the system.

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