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Top 10 Common traits about People With Green Eyes

people with green eyes

 The wonders about nature are beyond the imagination of human beings. For instance, there are so many colors of eyes which can be witness among human beings, these being black, brown, grey, blue and green, which is the rarest eye color in nature. Basically, the color of the eyes is determined by the color of the iris of the eye and it is an inherited trait, influenced by genetic factors. There is a lot about the personality and character of a person which can be told by the color of his or her eyes. For example, there is something very striking about green eyed people and the first thing that comes to your notice in their personality is their eyes. Here are the top 10 amazing traits we find about people with green eyes: 1- Most Uncommon Green color is the rarest and most common eye color in human beings. ... Read More »

Top 10 most frequent Asian stereotypes

Sikhs are a Group of Muslims

The humans claim to be the most intelligent and it has been evident many times they outburst with a lot of pride. However, it is really funny sometimes to see these contemporary people not being able to change the peculiar mindset that has taken place since a long ago. Especially, the stereotypes regarding the Asians are too solid to be replaced from these people. This is a compilation about the pretty frequent Asian stereotypes. Asians Have a Weaker Physique: It is simply rubbishing when you take a dig at the strength oriented sports like boxing, wrestling, etc. These dare the departments where mostly contenders from India, Japan, or any other Asian countries stand on the medal desk. Perhaps the scenario of weaker people in some poor countries has set this mindset. Asians are weak in English: This is something that you can laugh at. In most of the grammar and ... Read More »

Top 10 yoga classes in Mumbai

Top 10 yoga classes in Mumbai

Do you believe having a balanced and healthy life? If yes, then it is very important that you stay fit. Yoga certainly helps in connecting the mind, body, and soul and if practiced every day with proper instructions, you can get that perfect figure. Moreover, it is also important to have a trainer who can help you get those right postures and practice yoga in a right way. Here are top 10 yoga classes in Mumbai 1.The Yoga Institute, Santacruz East This is one of the most renowned and oldest yoga centers in the city. The Yoga institute offers various programs to suit your needs including couple classes, home tuitions, children classes, and more. This institute promotes yoga as one of the effective medium of curing many illness naturally and helps you lead a better life. Besides, the 21 day Better Living course will change the way you see life. ... Read More »

Top Ten ways to be a good wife to your husband!

Top Ten ways to be a good wife to your husband!

A wife is the embodiment of love, patience, adjustment, wisdom, calmth, ever-readiness, beauty, happiness and goodwill. The peace of a man and his success is always dependent on the woman beside him. Let us look at some of the primary duties of a wife towards her husband. 1) Love irrevocably and unconditionally The first duty of a wife is to love her husband without any limits. She should not weigh the differences, advances, moralities, legalities, finances or anything, in order to excuse herself from the duty of loving her husband. Love is blind. Love does not hold boundaries, limits or rules. It should flow without any restrictions of rules. Also, loving your husband can only result for him to love you more and wish for your company and acquaintance forever. 2)   Be an exotic cook Everyone loves food. Husbands in general, tire themselves by an exhausting day’s work. It is the ... Read More »

Top 10 reasons for Divorce

Ttop 10 reasons for Divorce

Marriage is an institution that is regarded in utmost respect and ecstasy. When couples find it unbearable to remain in the presence of each other due to personal bad habits of addictions; unresolved arguments; cheating and polygamy; lack of communication; sexual dissatisfactions and abusive circumstances, marriage approaches the ditch of divorce. So checkout Top Ten reasons for Divorce.   1) Incessant Argument the majority of the reasons for divorce according to surveys state that, arguments with no end and the unresolved issues lead the road to a finite end sooner than later. 56% of the divorced couples tend to list not just one reason but several reasons that tend to be discuss consistently without a finite conclusion. This leads to thoughts that simply heap up on negativity due to their loose ends. 2)   Trust Reasons Trust is the major reason for all mishaps in a relationship of marriage or otherwise. Every ... Read More »