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Top Ten ways to be a good wife to your husband!

A wife is the embodiment of love, patience, adjustment, wisdom, calmth, ever-readiness, beauty, happiness and goodwill. The peace of a man and his success is always dependent on the woman beside him. Let us look at some of the primary duties of a wife towards her husband.

1) Love irrevocably and unconditionally

The first duty of a wife is to love her husband without any limits. She should not weigh the differences, advances, moralities, legalities, finances or anything, in order to excuse herself from the duty of loving her husband. Love is blind. Love does not hold boundaries, limits or rules. It should flow without any restrictions of rules. Also, loving your husband can only result for him to love you more and wish for your company and acquaintance forever.

2)   Be an exotic cook

Everyone loves food. Husbands in general, tire themselves by an exhausting day’s work. It is the love of a man, which makes him eat even the bad food cooked by his wife, without any murmur or comments. Learn cooking. And, while you are at it, learn exotic cooking. A wife’s duty is to feed his man to his heart’s full more than the stomach’s full. Read about exotic recipes and prepare them with love and care for your husband.

3)   Be EverReady

A man has anger at the tip of his nose. A woman is better co-ordinated and mature in comparison to a man. Hence, it is necessary to calm him down with your ability to be an all rounder and be ready forever for everything he demands and desires of you.  Loving him evermore can teach you the wife’s duty of readiness for him.

4)   Agree to Everything

Men who fend for their wives at homes desire the latter’s agreement on the matters that they consider. Hence, be ready to give your consent to your husband regarding everything. Remember, the foundation of everything is love, and not misandry or misogyny.

5)Have Patience

Patience is the key role of a wife to handle all the frictions that pops up in a married life. If your husband lacks patience and is short-tempered, a wife should learn to be immensely patient. Patience can even dry the sea, as scriptures state. Patience retains your love, passion and respect for each other till eternity.

6)   Maintain your beauty

The primary aspect to love a woman is the perception of her outer beauty. How much so ever anyone dialogues his or her ideologies that beauty is worthless, the element of beauty can keep your man impartially attentive to your love. A good wife, grooms herself whenever she appears before her husband or otherwise, to project the enviable and lovely picture of clean, fresh and mesmerizing beauty.

7)    Maintain your figure

A good figure is a women’s key element to be titled a woman. Feminine traits are the traits of curvy and voluptuous body that women posse. Do not flab the curvy hips and tummy of yours to produce a repulsive figure. The right figure is a quintessential need of a wife as well.

8)   Always be clean and keep the house clean

Cleanliness can work magic. Be clean and fresh yourself and keep your surroundings clean to let the positive energy and vibe intact at your home and in his heart. This is one of the most important duties of a wife.

9)   Always keep adjusting for your love

Love as mention before, is blind and true. Adjust your whims and fancies to suit his desires and love so that you can be the true wife to your husband.

10)Dispose the arguments and quarrels effectively

A good wife always tries to merge the arguments and dispose the feuds and friction immediately. She should learn to be calm and should project wisdom of silence rather than verbal blabbers.

Apart from the above, love and unite the families of yours and your husband’s with your unconditional care and sacrifice to keep the flame of relationship alive and never dim forever!

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