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Top 10 Movies to Watch to Kill Boredom

Top 10 Movies to Watch to Kill Boredom

A good movie can be your best friend at the time when boredom strikes. There are some all time great movies, which have the quality of getting you out of the monotony of your daily life and simply pick up your mood whenever you feel low and bored!! Plus, they are so good that you can just sit back with your bowl of popcorn and watch them again and again.

Here is the list of top 10 movies to watch to kill boredom:

1. Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

Among the most amazing movies of all times comes this saga of a three movie series released from 2001 to 2003, “Lord of the rings”. The excellent storyline of this fantasy film will definitely hold you to the edge of your seat and do away with your boredom. It is based on a novel with the same name and is well known for its amazing visual effects. This film won huge acclaim, besides being a great commercial success.

2. Memento


Next among top 10 movies to watch when you are bored, the classic movie “Memento”. This 2000 psychological thriller won critical acclaim for its director Christopher Nolan. It has a unique storyline, consisting of two different sequences, which meet up in the end as a part of a single plot.

3. The Village

The Village

A tale full of twists and turns, “The Village” lives up to the level expected from an M Night Shyamalam movie. Full of suspense and drama, it definitely has all the ingredients to be the antidote of boredom. Released in 2004, this movie is a psychological thriller, narrating the story of a village, which lives under the shadow of fear of horrible creatures in the forest surrounding it. It deals with the dark secrets of the villagers.

4. The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli

This Denzel Washington starrer 2010 movie is another one among the movies that kill boredom. It is the story of a nomadic survivor of a nuclear apocalypse called Eli, who is on a mission to deliver a copy of a sacred book to a safe location to protect the secrets to keep the mankind safe.

5. Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

A great storyline, coupled with daring stunt scenes make “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider”, a 2001 movie earn a spot in the list of top 10 movies to watch to kill boredom. And the presence of the gorgeous Angelina Jolie is a feather in the cap. The film is based on a popular video game series Tomb Raider and went on to become a smashing hit.

6. Rear Window

Rear Window

Another excellent film, it is the story of a bored man recovering from an accident at his home, watching the neighborhood from a rear window in his apartment. From there he notices some bizarre incident in the neighborhood and goes on to investigate a murder case. The 1954 movie stars Jimmy Stewart in the lead role while it has been directed by the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock.

7. Star Wars

Star Wars

This evergreen epic science fiction of the cinema is another great pick on anti boredom films. It has a total of six films in the series, with some brilliant characters, enhanced by excellent costumes and make-up. The first movie in the series came in 1977 and became one of the top grossing movies of its time. It is still considered one of the best films ever.

8. American Pie

America Pie

This hilarious movie has got the perfect formula for making it one of the movies to watch to kill boredom. This teen comedy movie came in 1999 was followed by a series of three sequels. It portrays the story of 5 young friends, who make a pact of losing their virginity before the end of high school.

9.Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky

This 2001 science fiction film stars the heart throb Tom Cruise, opposite the diva Penelope Cruz. Cameron Diaz also stars in the film. This film is a great mixture of romance, science fiction and technology, making it anytime watch. This movie is a remake of a Spanish film “Open Your Eyes”.

10. Fletch


Another one among the movies to watch to kill boredom is the Chevy Chase starrer Fletch (1985). It is the story of an investigative newspaper reporter Irwin M Fletcher, who works with various characters and props. This movie also had a sequel called “Fletch Lives”.

If you are feeling bored, go ahead and take your pick among all these movies.

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