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Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

He is the master of surprises, and the surprises are always unique. He is quite synonymous for the word creativity. Imagination is at the peak with his flicks. Movies are not always something to make your brain absent; he has proved it. Versatility is in his blood. The man with a magical touch, and who always promises a quality time is none other than the most interesting personality in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio. The compilation is in fact the toughest to pick 10, as we know all are mind blowing. Checkout Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio  Inception How can one leave the name while talking about the Leonardo Di Caprio flicks? Acting should be natural, but here it is simply out of the brain. Complexity can be entertaining as well; Leonardo has proved it perfectly through the flick. Science, fiction, acting, all are in perfect proportion in the movie.   ... Read More »

Top 10 kung Fu movies You Will Love to watch

Best Kung fu movies

When you talk about Kung Fu movies, top personalities like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li come to our mind. These movies caught the attention of huge audience across the globe. There have been many Kung Fu movies released over the years. Let us look at the top 10 Kung Fu movies You Will Love to watch Ip Man Directed by Wilson Yip, IP Man is a unique Kung Fu movie which broke the success of many similar movies. The story is about a man who is responsible for training Bruce Lee and making him ready for the war. Donnie Yen who is an ordinary man and living life peacefully and happily with his family is forced to enter the war. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon This is the only Kung Fu movie that has won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar award. Crouching tiger and hidden dragon is a great ... Read More »

Top 10 Japanese Movies You must Watch

Seven Samurai

The Japanese film industry has been known to bring some marvelous pieces of art to the world in the form of its movies s. Many of the Japanese movies have been very different from the regular Hollywood movies, but they have the capability to move the audience and touch their souls. Here is a list of Top 10 Japanese Movies You must Watch 1. Seven Samurai This 1954 movie actually opened up the eyes of the world towards Japanese cinema, with a plot revolving about a village which hires these samurai warriors for seeking protection against bandits. Basically an action movie, this one has set the standards for such movies with its great action stunts, wonderful performances, brilliant photography and perfect editing. 2. Tokyo Story Another all time favorite Japanese movie is Tokyo Story, the 1953 classic, which is the story of an elderly couple who visits their family who lives ... Read More »

Top 10 James Bond Movies – What is your Best Movie?


James Bond is one of those legendary characters, who have ruled the Hollywood industry for decades now, besides being revered by millions of movie lovers all over the world. There is something enigmatic and charming about him, which inspires awe for all James Bond movies made till date. With different actors enacting 007 in these classic movies, the aura of the star remains the same over the time. Here is a list of top 10 James Bond movies: 1. Goldfinger One of the best James Bond movies of all times is the 1964 movie “Goldfinger”, which stars Sean Connery as the man himself for the third time. The movie was directed by Guy Hamilton and it had claimed an Academy Award for best sound effects. The plot revolves around the villain Goldfinger, who plans to shatter the world economy and shoot up the worth of his gold, but is stopped ... Read More »

Top 10 Detective Movies

Dirty Harry (1971)

The entertainment industry has been known for churning out films of different genres since it came into existence. These include romance, action, tragedy, comedy and thriller movies, but the excitement generated by movies of detective genre makes them stand above the rest. Good detective movies have a plot with the ability to make the viewers stick to their seats from the beginning to end. Here is the list of top 10 detective movies: 1- Chinatown (1974) On the top of the list of best detective movies is the classic film of 1974, Chinatown, which is the story of a private detective investigating an adultery case, but discovering a murder plot involved in it. The twists and turns in the movie make it a great watch till date, decades after its making. The lead roles have been played by Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway and the film has been directed by ... Read More »