Monday , 5 September 2016
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Top 10 most beautiful and cutest Cat breeds

Ragdoll cats

Besides dogs, cats are the other favorite pets for the human race. They are as cute as young kids, which helps them get the unconditional love of their owners. It has been said that people tend to feel relaxed and stress free in the company of their pet cats. There are many adorable looking cat breeds in the world. Listed below are the top 10 cutest cat breeds: 1. Siamese Leading among the cutest cat breeds is the friendly Siamese breed. The characteristic feature of this breed is that these cats are a stubborn lot, making them behave in a baby like manner. The blue eyed cats yearn for the attention of their owners, making them even cuter. They are friendly felines, who communicate with humans by using bodily signals. This species love to snuggle up with its owner at bedtime. 2. Ragdoll cats This roly poly breed comes next ... Read More »

Top Ten Unusual Animals

Emperor Tamarin

There are millions of animals all over the world. Animals are a source of entertainment. It is fascinating to sit and watch animals as they move about. It is further intriguing to learn about animals. How they feed, their characteristics and their conspicuous behaviours. More animals are being discovered by versatile researchers. However, some animals face the threat of becoming extinct. Other amazing animals have become extinct. World over, there is an outcry for people to try and conserve these animals. The following are some  Ten unusual animals found in different parts of the world. Tarsier The Tarsier is an unusual animal which belongs to the family of Tarsiidae and the Tarsuis genus. Tarsiers are found in South Asia. They are small primates with large eyes. Tarsiers are carnivores and are known to prey on birds, lizard and insects by jumping on them. Platypus Platypus is an egg laying mammal that ... Read More »

Top 10 strange animals In the World

10 strange animals and their traits

Our planet earth is bestowed with several animals. But there are many such animals which would appear strange to us. The strangeness in them is not due to their unpleasant appearance but it is due to the uniqueness in their look. There are many such creatures in our planter which might appear strange. We present a list of 10 strange animals with a spotlight on their unique features. 10 strange animals and their traits Coelacanth  It is a creature that is dated back to cretaceous era. The fish is a living fossil and posses a jaw. These fishes were said to be related to lungfishes and tetra pods. Scientists first believed that these species were extinct, but they have now found the clue that these fishes were still living. The first fish of this family was traced in the year 1938 near the eastern coast in South Africa. Later these ... Read More »

Top 10 fastest dogs in the world

Top 10 fastest dogs

Dogs are indeed of one of the popular and favorite pet animals of all but some dogs are made for speed. Whether it is to hunt for preys like hares or foxes or put them in a race track, these dogs surely know to impress everyone with their amazing speed. Take a look at the top 10 fastest dogs in the world Greyhound It is considered as the fastest dog in the world. This breed of dogs is blessed with extra ordinary speed and claims to run at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The long-legged, tall, and lean dog is also known as the 45-mph couch potato due to its amazing speed timing. Greyhound can chase wild hares at great distance and unbeatable speed. Saluki Cousin of greyhound, the feather-footed Saluki is proud to make an entry in 1996 edition of the Guinness Book of Records for its ... Read More »