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Top 10 Mattress Brands in India

Top 10 Mattress Brands in India

A good quality mattress is essential for good and restful sleep, along with a healthy back posture. The Indian market has great demand for high quality mattresses, which is the reason of growth of mattress industry in India at a rate of 10-15% per annum, between 2002 and 2011.

The top 10 mattress brands in India are listed as follows:

1- Kurl-on


Topping the list of top 10 mattress brands in India is Kurl-on. Rubberized coir, foam, spring and therapeutic mattresses are the varieties available under this brand name. Kurl-on has earned a great reputation for manufacturing great quality and comfort mattresses, with the use of latest technology.

2- Sleepwell


Next on the list is the well known mattress brand, Sleepwell. This ISO 9001 certified brand is owned by the Sheela Group. This brand aspires to fulfill the demands of the consumers, by producing top class sleep support products with the use of global technology for the same.

3- Rubco

rubco mattress

Occupying the third position on the list of top 10 mattress brands in India is Rubco, which stands for Rubberized Coir Mattress Division run by Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited. This company has seven varieties of mattresses in its production line to cater to diverse consumer requirements, including luxury, conventional and therapeutic products. These include Safal, Heal, Heaven, Hi-tech, Relief, Dosth and Yatri.

4- Tempur-Pedic


This US based brand manufactures mattresses, which alter in shape according to the body shape of the user. The mattresses are available in 4 varieties, including the cloud collection, weightless collection, contour collection and simplicity collection. The best thing about this brand is that it gives a user trial period of 90 days and limited warranty period of 25 years.

5- Dunlopillo


Standing on no 5 in the list of top 10 mattress brands in India is Dunlopillo, which ensure a refreshing sleep for the user by changing its contours according to the needs of the user. This brand furnishes four varieties-Classic, Fusion, Harmonize and Tempsmart.

6- MM Foam

MM Foam

Following next is the leading brand MM Foam, which was established in 1957. It brings spring, coir, dual and pincore mattresses for the individual requirements of the consumers. The brand makes available various ranges of mattresses such as flexi coir range, spring fresh range, premium range, back support range and flexi puf range.

7- Duroflex


On no 7 among top 10 mattress brands in India is Duroflex, which give the guarantee of refreshing and comfortable sleep, along with good health to its users. Luxury, spring, rubberized coir and puf mattresses are various ranges available in this brand.

8- Sleepzone


Sleepzone is another leading brand of mattresses in India. It is owned by Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt Ltd, which pioneers in the manufacture of spring mattresses. This brand provides mattresses for use in homes as well as hotels. The ranges available under this brand are Sleepzone spring, Sleepzone pocket, Europedic memory foam, Europedic Organic Latex and Galaxy Bonnell Pro spring mattresses.

9- King Koil

King Koil

Number 9 on the list of top 10 mattress brands in India is occupied by King Koil, which is a company held by the ARENCO group. This brand produces mattresses specially produced for patients with spinal problems. The varieties from this brand include Spine support, Perfect Solutions, Natural Response and Perfect Contour.

10- Restonic


The two collections from the next leading brand Restonic are Healthrest Collection and Comfortcare Collection. This brand focuses on providing top quality mattresses for ensuring comfort and restful sleep for the consumers.

Some other leading mattress brands in India include Fibroflex, Centuary, Dupont, Cello and Magniflex.


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