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Top 10 Leaders of All Times

Top 10 Leaders of All Times

The world of today has come past the zillions of struggles, obstacles and hardships to concrete its existence. Following enlists ten of the greatest leaders that history ever witnessed to evolve from.

1)Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

The leader, idol and God of Christianity, Jesus Christ was the ultimate leader who advocated love and goodwill to bring peace to humanity. Renounce, betrayed and crucified, Jesus Christ bore all the sacrifices with a smile, teaching his disciples the ultimate lesson of love, in his death as well. He then resurrected three days later and preached about the heavenly land of his father that he would take his followers to, thus being the greatest leader of all times, for humanity.

2)Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the lone reason of Indian Freedom in 1947. He taught the world, the lessons of peace, ahimsa and Satyagraha. He catered the people of India lost in bloodshed and violence to attain freedom with movement of Satyagraha that taught fighting for the truth without violence and, in silence. He followed his own disciplines to become the greatest leader in history.

3)   Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

Born in 356 B.C, Alexander the Great was the greatest military commander of all time. He conquered the Macedonian empire, Persia, along with big chunk of Asia that constituted half the world. He died owing to malaria in 323 B.C at the age of 33.

4)   Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
The sixteenth U.S President he is infamous for his crude support against the white supremacy of enslaving the black Americans by signing emancipation proclamation. He is known to be world’s best and inevitably historical leadership in the world and gave immemorial speeches like the Gettysburg address.

5)    George Washington

 George Washington
Born in Virginia in the year 1732, George Washington was the army commander during the revolutionary war, immediately after which he became the first president of America. He served twice as the president and is regarded as the founder of American as one nation. He served the best of leaderships in history with his perseverance and determination.

6)Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.
A member of the clergy community, Martin Luther King Jr. was a world-renowned historical leader in the civil rights movement who lead his disciples along the road of non-violence.

7)    Nelson Mandela

 Nelson Mandela
Born in South Africa in early 1900s, Nelson Mandela was the best leader that the world ever saw of Apartheid. He plunged into the struggle in the early half of his 20s and organised peaceful non-violent campaigns to battle apartheid. He was imprisoned during his struggle, which added the focus in tenfold on apartheid. Today, his legacy is well maintained by the Mandela day that which is his actual birthday. He also became the president of the country in 1994.

8)   Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte
The first off France’s emperor, Napoleon was born in 1769. He is the greatest leader of the west and revolutionised the basics of training in military coups and organizing the same. His legacy is held together by the Napoleonic code that reformed and continues to reforms the civil laws of various countries till date.

9)  Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
His followers adored and admired him for his courage and merciless attitude and ideologies, at the time of ruling. He also made the infamous rulebook of Nazi Rulings. Needless to add, his fame stretches all across the borders regardless of the moral issues. Though he will be remembered for evil deeds and mass murder of innocents but he still reigns as the greatest leaders of the world for his leading capabilities.

10)Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
The most accomplished of the political leaders of the roman empire and one of the greatly reputed leaders of the world, Julius Caesar weaved the largest empires of the world, that of Rome. His strategies of planning and courage with decision-making skills were the best of his abilities.


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