Friday , 13 May 2016
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Facebook tags Satires from Onion in News Feed

Facebook tags Satires from Onion in News Feed

Facebook has introduced a new feature that informs a user if the shared post is a satire or not. The feature is still in its development phase and still being tested. People on Facebook often mix up satire stories with real ones and end up believing them. To ensure that people are being able to differentiate between these two types, Facebook is now testing out their new feature.

Onion is a website that shares satirical news and these articles are often mistaken with real ones. People have been found taking these satires seriously and often ending up with unpleasant mess ups. There might be room for wondering if Facebook has started taking things seriously after suicide cases have taken place over bullying; everyone wants to stay in the safer side.


Facebook has said that this step is a step against people’s confusion; many users were taking their wrath out on the people in their friends list which is indeed not expect on a social media.


This satire tagging feature is still in its testing phase and the word ‘satire’ is being posted next to the title within pair of straight brackets, like this [Satire] – A Facebook spokesman described.


For starters, only Onion has been listed to have a satire tag on the shared posts. If the experiment turns out fruitful many other satirical sites might be added to the list, soon. Onion has been long reputed for publishing Satires on their websites and they look very real. Satire related to the recent police shooting that took place in Missouri made some Facebook users go crazy. The satire article was titled ‘Tips for being an unarmed black teen’.


Not just Facebook users, even Washington Post was fooled last year by believing that Sarah Palin actually joined Al-Jazeera news network and this satire was posted on another satirical site named the Daily Currant. Facebook has strong reason to tag up the satirical posts!

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