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Top 10 mythical creatures

Top 10 mythical creatures

Everyone has heard of mythical creatures from either prehistoric Greek stories or the present tales. Below is a list of the commonly known mythical creatures that you will hear everybody talking about. We have discussed in details about Top 10 mythical creatures.


A unicorn is seen as a horse like creature with a characteristic horn protruding from its head with a Billy goat beard, cloven hooves as well as a lion’s tail. It is said to be quite a gentle creature and regarded as hard to capture unless the use of unfair methods. Its horn was said to be able to defuse poison. The unicorn was first known in 3300BC to 1700BC in the Indus Valley.


The Minotaur was portrayed to have human like lower body and the upper part being that of a bull in the Greek mythology; said to be living at the middle of a tangle construction built by King Minos. The house was constructed by Daedalus believed to be I Knossos. Minotaur was in the end murdered by Theseus.


Satyrs were at first regarded companions together with the goat-god Pan in the ancient civilization of the Greek. Satyr drawings were first of regular men however possessing an upright phallus. Later on it was combined with the ancient Roman faun that portrayed them as being half-man half-goats. Satyrs are seen as wicked yet timid, rebellious and dangerous, however cowardly and shy.

Griffin or Gryphon

A characteristic of a lion, Griffin is a creature with wings as well as a head of similar to an eagle’s. It was perceived to be quite strong since the lion is king among beasts while the eagle among the birds. In the primeval times the griffin was regarded the divine protector. The creature is said to be in existence around 2700-1450 BC in the Minoan civilization.



This is an ancient Egypt mythical firebird that was depicted as a large bird that died in fire and was later reborn out of it. The bird is said to have red and gold feathers. Towards death, the phoenix builds a nest out of cinnamon twigs that it ignites. The bird gets destroyed but immediately a new phoenix is reborn through the same fire. Its life span was said to be 500 to 1461 years old.



A Cyclops was said to be part of the primeval group of ancient giants. The Cyclops was characterized by one rounded eye at the center of the forehead. Hesiod describes Cyclopes (Arges, Steropes, Brontes) as the true sons of Gaia (earth) and Uranus (sky).


In Irish mythology, the banshee is portrayed as the female spirits. They are regarded as death omens that originate from the outside world. They are perceived to be the bits and pieces of primeval Celtic pagan religious beliefs where they were seen as minor gods, ancestors or spirits. Commonly known as fairies in English, banshees’ legend has it that they will roam around a house while wailing if someone inside that house is going to die.


Since 5000 BC the mermaid has always been discussed. There is possibility that dugongs and manatees have been mystified to be these creatures. Christopher Columbus has also claimed to see these mythical creatures on his sails. British folklore considers them to be warning for a looming disaster.


Gorgons are described as evil women possessing fangs and with living snakes in place of hair. A legend has it that a stare at a gorgon’s face turns one into stone. Medusa was regarded as the famous and mortal of the other two sisters – Euryale and Stheno. Greeks use gorgon images to keep off evil.


A Giant is described as a monster in human form that poses great strength and massive size. In mythology, giants are always seen to have conflict with gods and generally associated with anarchy as well as wild nature.

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