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Germany vs. Argentina 2014 World Cup final: Preview

Germany vs. Argentina 2014 World Cup final: Preview

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is just days before it comes to an end and what better way could the final match be than two countries from two different continents fighting for the World Champions’ crown. This World Cup has been so unpredictable and I honestly did not see this coming, I mean, who actually thought that the Germans were to meet with the Argentines in the grandest stage? I honestly got stunned. You may agree with me on that. The final goes down this Sunday in Rio de Janeiro at 3 p.m local Brazilian time. Let us look at the two teams before they come face to face with each other in the grandest stage.




Germany thrashed Brazil 7 smashing goals to 1 and the Brazilians were sent home despite the fact that they are already home. Many were in disbelief of this football massacre and will be one of the most remembered matches in World Cup history. The hosts suffered the worst defeat in football history and the Germans did it with too much ease. The Germans were the favorites to push through to the finals from the beginning of this tournament as they showcased world class football attack throughout the competition and the set pieces paid off in the most outstanding and memorable ways.


On the other hand, Argentina went head to head with Netherlands; the team that many of us thought was actually winning this World Cup. The two teams had pretty much the same ball possession at different times and played with so much technique. Rating on previous games, Netherlands were the favorites to advance in the finals but Argentina proved to be too much for them. It went down to penalties and Argentina was the better side as they won 4-2 to proceed to the finals.



Has made 18 World Cup appearances

Won the prestigious World Cup crown 3 times (1954, 1974, and 1990)

Have been runners up 4 times (1966, 1982, 1986, and 2002)

Have been third 4 times (1934, 1970, 2006, and 2010)


Has made 16 World Cup appearances

Crowned champions 2 times (1978 and 1986)

2 times runners up (1930 and 1990)



Attempts on target – 64

Goals – 17 (3 set pieces and 14 open play)

Total fouls committed – 71

Red cards – 0

Yellow cards – 4


Attempts on target – 61

Goals – 8 (1 set piece and 7 open play)

Total fouls committed – 64

Red cards – 0

Yellow cards – 6


In 1958, Germany won 3-1 against Brazil on the group stages

In 1966, the two teams drew 0-0

In the 1986 World Cup final, Argentina beat Germany 3–2 to be crowned champions

In the 1990 World Cup final, Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 to be crowned champions

In 2006, Germany won 4-2 on penalties in the quarters

In 2010, Germany beat Argentina 4-0 in the knock out stage



Thomas Muller- Is the current second leading scorer with 5 goals behind James Rodriguez of Colombia who is in the lead with 6 goals. Muller is very dangerous and his ability to penetrate through the defense is outstanding. He has covered 68.8 km in the World Cup which is the most ground covered as for now.


Lionel Messi

Messi – He is unstoppable and just never let’s go of the ball. The Argentina captain has scored 4 goals out of a total of 8 goals scored by Argentina. This shows you what much of a complete player he is. The 4 time FIFA World Player Award winner wants to live up to the ultimate standard and lead Argentina to victory just as Diego Maradona did in 1986. He has won all crowns but the biggest one which is the World Cup.


No one can argue that Germany is the better team headed to the final, not just because of the display in the 7-1 victory over Brazil but the resilience they have shown throughout the competition. Also, when we look at past meeting, there is no doubt that Germany is fond of beating Argentina and am seeing history repeating itself. 3-1 in favor of Germany, it will take a miracle for Argentina to win. Cheers




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  1. Santosh Kumar

    Nice Preview Satyakam, I’m waiting to watch final match. Lets see who wins?

    • Thanks Santosh for your comment, yes lets see who wins if we will go for fast record then most probably Germany but never knows on that day who will play better will win,Germans should not be over confident and Argentina should play like a team not depended on Messi Only.

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