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Expected Performance Of The Underdog Teams At The Quarter Finals OF The Fifa World Cup 2014

Expected Performance Of The Underdog Teams At The Quarter Finals OF The Fifa World Cup 2014

The underdogs will strike back again

Heading into the world cup quarter finals, there are some who still cannot what has transpired in Brazil so far. Costa Rica survived the so called ‘Group of Death’ and outshined Italy, Uruguay and England to reach to the quarter finals after they won a penalty shootout in the round of 16 knockout stage against Greece. I have to admit that nobody saw this coming and nobody saw that coming. Costa Rica beat all the odds and showed us all that anything can happen so long as you put on your best game. The never-say-die attitude showcased by the players overshadowed the opponents and the goalkeeper Keylor Navas displayed his prowess and master-class goalkeeping which saw his stop two penalties all by himself. The whole stadium was dead silent and in disbelief of what had come to light. Jorge Luis pinto, the coach who has led his team to victory so far is the mastermind behind Costa Rica’s perfect run till now.

Display of skills showcased by the underdogs surprised many

What will come as surprise to most football fans and fanatics is the agility and expertise that the so called underdog teams have displayed in their recent competitive matches against probably the best placed teams in FIFA rankings. Best examples of skill and expertise displayed by the minor teams as analysts and football fans would call would be the USA which has so far displayed a fantastic approach to the game. In their group classification against major teams like Portugal and Ghana who have previously had impeccable results in past international competitions, the little credited USA would have been expected to succumb to inferiority state and performed dismally as the predictions would have it. But they have successfully climbed the ladders of success and are now among the quarter finalists against many people’s expectations having knocked out both Portugal and Ghana who have bowed out of the competitions. Many would argue that it is probably due to lack or fate or circumstance but for those who see it as plain as it is, the underdogs have the potential, preparedness, skill and form to upset major and favorites in this competition.

Best world cup goal and top scorer taken by an underdog

World renowned players with huge salaries and playing for major clubs in the world in this competition are struggling to keep up with upcoming players who are currently in top form and scoring memorable goals. Most notable of the players is the current top scorer in the competition James Rodriguez of the Colombia national team. According to the latest statistics he is currently the top scorer and has so far has the most memorable goal in the competition. Previous top scorers who have been named best players in the competition receive awards with a tally of five goals at the end of the competition but as fate has it, Rodriguez is at the five goal point with at least three more games remaining that is if he drives his nation towards world cup victory. As he enters the quarter final stage of the competition, he comes in confident his nation having knocked up the highly acclaimed Uruguay who are well placed in FIFA rankings and were placed third in the previous world cup tournament.

This proves that the underdogs as called have the potential to turn heads in the forthcoming quarter finals. With such outstanding performance from such an underrated team and players the world is sure to wake up to a very inspiring unpredictable matches with probably the best performances from underrated teams AND PLAYERS.


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Expected Performance Of The Underdog Teams At The Quarter Finals OF The Fifa World Cup 2014 by

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