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Top 10 women with Beautiful Eyes

If there is a term called fantasy, then I think women would be the best live example for it. No matter how diplomatic you are, but if you are straight and male, then your head is obvious to make a turn when someone beautiful passes by. However, the part that makes them beauty with mystery is their eyes. The compilation given below is about the beautiful women having most adorable eyes.

 Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie most beautiful eye

It won’t be wrong to term her the diva of the whole world. She is at a stretch actress, screen play writer, social worker, and many others. This ultimate example of feminism is having one of the most adorable pair of eyes.


Aishwarya Rai:

Perhaps God has gifted her with the most beautiful pair of eyes. This former miss world has still retained her place in millions of hearts despite being in the motherhood. The best part about her is that she knows it very well to justify the souvenir of the God. Her decision to donate her eyes makes her really respectable.

Kim Kardashian:

This American has become the physical example of the term seductive. However, perhaps even she is not aware of the fact that she doesn’t need to work that much hard to loss the kilos or to go through any kind of surgical works as her eyes are enough to drag many attentions effortlessly. There is a great fan base of her sexy pair of black eyes.


Maria Sharapova:

Being frank enough, she is the reason that many of us watch tennis for some more hours. The leggy lash is having a great exposure as well in the world of modeling and fashion. However, the beautiful pair of small eyes increases her beauty in many folds. This pair of eyes is responsible for murdering many hearts.


Salma Hayek:

She is the absolute classic beauty that the artists term. Salma is quite a household name in the world of entertainment. This flawless beauty is having an adorable personality. Anyway, if someone goes specific to rank her beauty, then no wonder her eyes will take the top position.


Penelope Cruz:

Penelope is the darling of many young hearts. Her beauty has ruled for several years in the colorful world of Hollywood. Anyway, the cute pair of eyes makes her simply incomparable. It is said that her eyes say many things. Keep on guessing what they say.


Kristen Stewart:

Her beauty can trap the vampire, who cares about you! At a very young age Kirsten has reached at an unbelievable height of success. The beautiful pair of eyes though indicates the process is still on.


Selena Gomez:


She has enormous talent options to drag you towards her. Anyway, the magical pair of eyes certainly having something that can’t be explained in words.


Charlize Theron:

This South African beauty is having one of the most wonderful pair of the eyes in the world. This Oscar winning actress proves it wrong that only the blue eyes can be beautiful.


Drew Barrymore:

How can someone skip this Charlie’s angel in this compilation! Apart from acting, Drew is having equal hands in the field of direction and writing as well. Anyway, the pair of brown eyes is simply mind-blowing and defining that gets more mysterious the more you look at it.

Hope you will like these beautiful women having most beautiful eyes.

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