Thursday , 12 May 2016
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Some Interesting Myths and stories ON Missing Flight MH370

World is on the edge of technology advancement. People are busy with their day to day life that even seconds count in one’s life. One of the fastest and advanced ways of transportation is airways. A flight that took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading towards Beijing Capital International Airport was reported missing by Malaysia Airlines at 07:24 on 8 March 2014. Plane had 227 passengers and 12 crew members. An international search started and an investigation is going on. With the passage of time various agencies and countries presumed and came-up with various thesis, theories and obligations. Here is the list of myths and stories that we have come up with the flow of time. 1.  Uighur Passenger trained in Flight Simulation on MH370 says Interpol Malaysian officials and Interpol suspect that a passenger belonging to Uighur was on flight MH370. It was believed that the suspect man ... Read More »

Top 10 Hot and beautiful Women (Who Were Born Male)

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Transsexual women can be defined as any transgendered person who very strongly identifies with the male gender. The other important thing to consider is that they have either started, or have the intention of transitioning or have already finished transitioning. Many transsexual people will find that transitioning is basically more of a necessity than a choice. The body is in most cases altered because gender cannot be changed. This is achieved through taking hormones or undergoing sex reassignment surgeries. The following are the Top 10 Hot and beautiful  Women (Who Were Born Male)  Lea T She was born in 1981 as Leandro Cerezo. She is among one of the most famous transsexual models in the modeling industry presently. She has appeared on the runway in various swimsuits for Blue Man, a top beachwear brand. She is a darling of the modeling industry. She also models for Givenchy, a fashion design house. Isis ... Read More »

Video which holds testament for Love.. Check out the Amazing video of newly born Baby and mother

A cute and amazing video is in air which sights the perfect example of Love. This amazing video is birth of a child via cesarean section. This was a common operation which was not more remarkable than rest of its type but the actual is what the baby did after its birth. The baby was brought near the mother’s face by the nurses. The response of the baby was cute and touched the core of the heart. Images source: Life, a gift of God, is exuberant and full of wonders. This Video is a vivid example of it. Love, Love is never out of sight. Love is ray hope of light. Love, Love is pleasant as first rain breathe, Love is precious as elephants’ teeth. Love, Love is when I see the world in your eyes, Love is Ocean that never dries. Love, Love has no definition, Love is ... Read More »

Moses Miracle-Jindo Sea Parting: Miracle or Scientific Phenomena?

Moses Miracle came to light after a French ambassador visited Jindo Island, South Korea in the year 1975 and witnessed it. This was published then in a French newspaper which became popular all over. A land which is 2.8 kilometers long and 40 meters wide appears in Jindo Sea. Millions of tourists visit this place to see and celebrate the festival of Moses With Tigers….A Prayer was answered!!! There are millions who surmise and presume in the magic of the Jindo Sea Parting. This is the story of a woman and a tiger; Coast of Jindo holds a testament for the story. The story goes thousands of years back when tigers were found in large numbers on Jindo Island. People bothered and vexed fled to Modo Island. A woman named Bbyong, accidentally was left behind. It is believed that her prayers to the god of Ocean, Yongwang, was answered ... Read More »

Must Watch!!! How Hippos Saved a GNU from a Crocodile

Africa, land of wind is a beautiful place which is well-known for its diversity. Hippopotamuses largely found in Kenya, are known for being aggressive and attacks if it finds any being which comes in their zone. They are considered to be the most dangerous animals all over the world. I was completely surprised to see what these few number of hippos did. This news went viral when a Hippopotamuses was seen saving a Gnu from the crocodiles.  Despite of the fact and well known of being hungry, Hippo fought with the crocodile and rescued the Gnu. This video proves that Hippo is kind and helping too. A small gnu was crossing the river. Moments after, it was chased and attacked by a crocodile. Image Gnu was injured by the crocodile and was badly need of help. A kind hearted hippo came for the rescue and helped him. Image ... Read More »