Thursday , 12 May 2016
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Can you believe that a UK woman married her Dog??

Image Marriage signifies the bond of love, love being categorized to any kind of relation has made some unrealistic effects on the minds of human. In general Human marry their own counterparts, but human tendency is to get surrounded with loved ones so they try to get happiness by marring their intimate objects like Ferris Wheels and Eiffel Tower and they are also found marrying their own pets. According to various online news agency source  a woman named Amanda Rodgers aged 46 who resides in London, UK surprisingly got married to her dog Sheba. The news certainly shocked the whole world with the fact that Rodger married her pet after divorcing her ex-husband. Rodger confessed that she has been waiting for last 20 years to make her love for Sheba strong. Image At high time Rodger has eventually found her potential partner that apparently gave her what she ... Read More »

Can you Believe!!! A Man Slept besides His Dead Wife for 5 Years

While I was surfing on the internet, a very shocking headline caught my eye on you tube. At first it was very difficult to believe but on further searching on different sites I found its true. The news was regarding a Vietnamese who after his wife’s death dug up her body from the ground and then molded it with clay. The female figure that he made of clay he kept in his bed so that he could sleep hugging it every night since last 5 years. image According to the reports, Mr. Van used to sleep upon the grave of his wife since she died in 2003. He also told that he wanted to dig a tunnel just besides his wife’s grave so that he could sleep just next to her away from wind and rain. image The neighbors as well as local authorities found out Van’s intentions ... Read More »

OMG!!! North Korea Claims to Have Landed First Man on the Sun…Can you believe this

An epic memorable moment in the history: A Man landed on the surface of the SUN. Yes you read it right. North Korea has confirmed the news that a man named Hung Il Gong aging about 17 has successfully landed on Sun at 3AM this morning.  The country has launched the mission to Sun and it took them only 4 hours to reach our nearest star. Hung will be back from the trip to Sun in just couple of hours. He will be greeted by his uncle and their commander Kim Jong-un. Hung ultimate strategy was to travel in the shade of darkness which protected him from burning and turn ashes from the extreme temperature. Hung has confirmed of bringing sunspots for his beloved uncle. The North Korean central news agency has claimed it to be the 18-hour mission. We are also eagerly waiting to have a sight of the ... Read More »

OMG!!! Look What This Big Python Did to the Crocodile?

It’s pretty easy for us to comprehend what is going through the jungle full of wild animals but what is truly happening can really blow your mind. As we have escaped from the food chain, we don’t worry about the feeling of actually living in a jungle. But, the Australian photographer captured this deadly event that took place in water and it’s quite dangerous even to think about it. You guys are about to witness one of the most frightening fights of the jungle. It’s all about a hungry snake taking on head to head with a crocodile. The huge olive python sneaked through the top of the crocodile and surrounded its whole body. Before the crocodile could even bite on the python’s body, the python grabbed the whole body and started squeezing it furiously. It might feel pretty gross to even imagine but the python then began to consume ... Read More »

Do u Know When does a Caterpillar become a Butterfly

When does a Caterpillar become a Butterfly A butterfly is known for its beauty and prosperity. They feed on fruits and on the nectar of flowers. The butterfly’s life cycle has got four parts: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Butterflies display aposematism, polymorphism and mimicry. Some are categorized under the Monarch because they prefer migrating over long distances, while some are believed to have evolved parasitic and symbiotic relationships with other social insects like ants, and some are believed to be the pests because of their larval stages, damage domestic crops. Nevertheless some species are believed to be the agents of pollination for the plants, and it is seen that caterpillars of some butterflies species eat harmful insects. Butterflies are lovely creations with four large wings, slim, thin and hairless bodies. It is a fact that a female Butterfly can lay thousands of eggs in the entire course of life. ... Read More »