Friday , 13 May 2016
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Top 10 USA Gold Medalists in Olympics

Michael Phelps

Started in the year 1896, Olympics are termed to be the most prestigious sports event happening all over the world where more than 200 nations participate and compete with each other to show their incredibility in sports. Among all others, USA, from the year 1912 winning most of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively stands on the first place by receiving most number of gold medals. So, here are 10 Gold medalists from USA who have performed exceptionally to achieve it for their country. Checkout the list of Top 10 USA Gold Medalists in Olympics till now. Michael Phelps Born in the year 1985, Michael Phelps made his debut in Olympics as a swimmer and won Gold medal for United States of America as well in the Olympics of 2004 held in Athens, Greece. ‘When you are passionate about a thing, nothing can stop you from achieving it’. This catchphrase ... Read More »