Friday , 13 May 2016
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How to Overcome Anger Easily?

How to control anger

Humans are born with many characters inside them. As they become older and older, different psychological changes occur inside their brain. Some are negative and some are positive. Besides many of them, anger is one of the renowned factors that is present inside each and every individual on earth, including you and me. So How to Overcome Anger Easily Each and every one of us has experienced anger in various situations in our life. The feeling of anger rarely brings positive result in our path of success. Anger brings more pain unnecessarily and always works against us leading more and more negative impacts on our day to day living. That’s why you should know how to over come anger. Anger can be explained in many ways like loss of calmness, irritation, mind boggling thoughts that mostly leads to fight, massive destruction, or the chronic victim may kill him/herself. This is a ... Read More »

How to overcome addiction: Road towards Recovery

How to overcome addiction

How to overcome addiction Addiction has made its roots from the very beginning of civilization. People become addicted without even knowing that they are hooked on something. For any addict, admitting that an addiction exists in him/her is the most important step in their recovery process Brief introduction on Addicts and Addiction Addicts are the people who desire certain things to make them physically, mentally and emotionally happy. In the absence of the addictive material, they show their destructive behavior and lose control over their mind. This will lead to a dangerous situation which may even lead to suicidal attempts. 1 out of 5 people are able to break the cycle of addiction on their own, which is very few in number. Day to day activities is hampered by the presence of strong addiction. Addiction differs from person to person and the addictive things are not the same as one ... Read More »

Top 10 Airlines in the World

The airlines often cause lot of problems to their customers with delays, high pricing and more. Though, all the airlines are not same, some of them are the best in their business with world class comfortable seats, proper service and food, cleanliness, in-flight entertainment and timely arrival and departure. Keeping in mind the above stated factors, from the list of numerous airlines flying high presently we have devised a list of top 10 airlines in the world. So let’s see which airlines have made the place in the list with their combination of service, perception and innovation. Here`s the  list of Top 10 Airlines in the World: Singapore Airlines It has been rated as the best airline in the world for 17th time continuously by T+L readers. Being famous for the world class flight attendants with their kebaya uniforms serving you as you have always wished. The first class suites ... Read More »

How to Overcome a Fear Easily?

how to overcome fear

Fear is a psychological thing that persists in mind of every living being in some way or other. Fear is something that you should accept and deny, depending upon the circumstances. If it’s the fear of death, you should try to accept it because there’s no running away from death. Whereas, if it’s the fear of heights or driving, you should deny them and try to overcome them. There are many tricks to overcome fear easily. If you wonder How to overcome Fear Easily, be calm and keep reading.   Face your fear: As a matter of fact, the best way to overcome your fear is to accept it. When you accept your fear, you gain victory over it. Imagine a circumstance when a pointy object is directly over your head. What will happen if you don’t make efforts to get rid of that pointy object from your head? Eventually, ... Read More »

Best Facebook Pages


Facebook pages are more likely non-commercial means of promoting a franchise. Everyone eyes the easy base they get on Facebook to attract maximum users and spread out the word. Still we can see that the maximum liked pages are more or less non-commercial. These come from various areas of business, music, art, websites etc. Below provided is a list of the best Facebook pages. Judgment has been made depending on number of likes and also the contents of the page. 1. Facebook for Every Phone It was a special promotion scheme by Facebook to provide accessibility to every phone. It has largely delivered to its promise and hence made the users more addictive towards it. Hence this page has over 140 million likes in just over a year. 2. Facebook This is quite obvious as the most liked page on Facebook is the official Facebook page itself. This page has ... Read More »