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Top Identical Twins Marriages

Top Identical Twins Marriages

It is rightly said “Marriages are decided by God”. Once in a blue moon miracles happen and that we can see a set of twins end up coupling with another set of twins. There is an official term for such type of lovely marriages- “quaternary marriages”.  Barbi Kantor and Cheryl Barbi Kantor and Cheryl, twin sisters married Goldenberg brothers, Bruce and Barry Goldenberg who were also twins, almost 30 years ago having a year gap in different dates and occasions. Now the two couples are happy with their married life and by god’s grace have five beautiful children between them. It is observed that Goldenberg children are full genetic which results when identical twins couple up with identical twins. Ginna and Gaylen Glasscock Identical twins love story with another Identical twins from Abilene Christian University were on every one’s tongue in the campus. Ginna and Gaylen Glasscock, ageing 22, met ... Read More »

Top 10 facts behind serving of milk on Suhagraat (wedding night)

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Marriages are considered as an auspicious event to every human life, where two souls are known to get united over the ritual spelt on this event. In India the first night of the marriage is referred to as the maiden night where a man and woman come together as husband and wife and they go intimate with physical relationship for first time with acceptance to the society. To accustom with the ritual the suhagraat referred to as the fourth night of the marriage is considered as the day 1 of the marriage date. The significance of this day interfaces with various activities like decorating of bedroom with scented flowers, serving of milk by the bride to her husband. In particular the serving of milk plays an important part on suhagraat. Following list shows you top 10 facts that relates the importance of milk on suhagraat. 1). Traditional belief Hinduism considered ... Read More »

World’s most expensive Virginities(for sale)

There was a time when virginity was something sacred but as the world grew and the number of floors in a building went on increasing virginity went on from being one of the most sacred things to one of the most highly priced assets. There have been some incidents in the history when some girl sold her virginity to some boy at a price that could never have been imagined and thus this new kind of trick for quickly earning money. Though it is quite obvious that to find a girl who would first keep her virginity to a respectable age, say 21 and then sell it online, such a girl is difficult to find but still this fact is obviously interesting. Below mentioned are the World’s  most expensive virginities Cathy source Cathy Cobblerson from Texas sold her virginity by posting an advertisement on eBay where she mentioned the price ... Read More »

Top 10 things You Didn’t Know About Somali Pirates

The condition of the people of Somalia led them to get down to the most dangerous of all jobs. Piracy. Whenever a cargo ship moves along their coast or nearby they somehow corner it, mount it and loot it. Piracy along the coast of Somalia has been a headache for international shipping since the second half of the civil war that raged in Somalia in the early 21st century.  This grew to such an extent that in the year 2008 itself around 40 cargo ships were looted by the Somali pirates. The reason behind this piracy is simple. Development in Somalia in any form has not even ringed its bell and people of Somalia are suffering from hunger and poverty and therefore they have to step in this business which is growing dangerous day by day. As the government is closing in around the Somali lawless seamen though the rate ... Read More »

Top 10 unusual Deaths

Death is considered as a part of every person’s life, we are not aware that death has its cold hands on every living creature irrespective of cast, creed, financial background or any other criteria based on which humans distinguish them. Death has always remained uncertain to its coming; no one can escape from its clutch. There may be various factors for death to happen such as aging, malnutrition, diseases or murder. At times there may be unusual deaths that anyone could have ever imagined. Our article lists the top most unusual deaths and is as follows: 1)  Man was not able to get to the toilet in time To a matter of fact, the well known astronomer and an alchemist, named Brahe who pioneered the observations of planetary motion that helped for developing the theory of gravity by Newton was known to have died of burst bladder or known to ... Read More »