Wednesday , 11 May 2016
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Top 10 most beautiful black women

Over the years the standards of beauty have changed. Gone are the days when fair hair and fair skin held the spotlight. It made room for beautiful women that have darker skin, and a distinctive and mesmerizing beauty. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most beautiful black women: 10. Zoe Saldana Known for her roles in moving dramas such as Crossroads and Center Stage, this beauty’s popularity exploded when she stared in blockbuster movie Avatar. Her charm, talent and charisma make sure that she deserves a spot on this list. 9. Paula Patton Born from a lawyer and a school teacher, she later graduated Magna Cum Laude from her university. She lent her voice to Usher’s album Confessions, and she also appeared in the movie Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. 8. Rosario Dawson This multi talented beauty is a writer, singer and actress. He has taken a special ... Read More »

Top 10 most beautiful blonde Women

There’s just something very attractive about blonde hair. Since the film industry started, the blond bombshell was constantly present to make our movie going experience even sweeter. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most beautiful blonde women: 10. Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon It’s hard to find someone that has not seen her breakout movie, Legally blonde. Since then, she has become the poster child for the kind hearted, but sheltered blonde, that eventually has to step up to the occasion. Despite her success and look, she is a very humble and pleasant person. 9. Michelle Marie Pfeiffer Here we have the best Catwoman of all time without a doubt. Although she is one of the oldest on our list, she is still considered very attractive, and some would say that she is hotter now, than she was in her debut role. She is very involved in cancer research ... Read More »

Top 10 most beautiful women in sports

The beauty is eternal and women are the most beautiful creation. The beauty of woman is to be admired. Women are not only beautiful but also well capable of doing everything that a man can do. With the progress of time women have successfully made their presence in all the fields. The dominance of women in sports is remarkable. Women play almost all the sports and games whether it is indoor or outdoor. The beauty and the women go hand in hand and when we talk about women sportsperson, it is inevitable to talk about beautiful women sportsperson. Let us have a look at the World’s top 10 most beautiful women in sports who have won million hearts with their charming beauty and appeal. Maria Sharapova: The sensational Russian tennis star is known for her great tennis skills and equally beautiful looks. Born in 1987 in Soviet Union, Maria made ... Read More »

Top 10 most beautiful women alive

Since ages the world has been a true admirer of beauty and charm. Beauty appeals to core of the heart. It is an integral part of womanhood.  Many women have attracted the attention of the world by their graceful nuances. Beauty, elegance, graces and intelligence is what these lovely ladies have bestowed with. They have mesmerized and taken the world with storm. With their strong presence in their professional domains, they were able to attract a lot of eye balls. Let us walk through with the top ten most beautiful women alive and explore what makes them so special. Katy Perry: She is one of the most sensational singer and stage performer in America with world wide popularity and huge fan base   with her hit album “I kissed a girl” she rose to  fame and popularity. Her amazing talent combined with awestruck beauty makes her top the list. Brooklyn Decker: ... Read More »

Top 10 most beautiful women ever

Beauty has its own charm which can generate much of interest among the people. Women have been symbolized as the beauty since ancient times. Plenty of women has born in this earth and became immortal because of their never ending beauty and appeal. All beautiful women have their own style and allure. But every one cannot be discussed in a single platform as the world has seen numerous of them. Let us explore the 10 most beautiful women ever and understand who they were. Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn Monroe was an American actress who became the most desired woman in the 1960s. She was born in 1926 and died in 1962 before contributing to many commercially successful motion picture. Grace Kelly: Princess of Monaco and Hollywood heartthrob Grace Kelly was undoubtedly the most desired woman in her time. She has been also rated as the most beautiful royals ever. She died ... Read More »