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Top 10 most beautiful women ever

Beauty has its own charm which can generate much of interest among the people. Women have been symbolized as the beauty since ancient times. Plenty of women has born in this earth and became immortal because of their never ending beauty and appeal. All beautiful women have their own style and allure. But every one cannot be discussed in a single platform as the world has seen numerous of them.

Let us explore the 10 most beautiful women ever and understand who they were.

Marilyn Monroe:10 most beautiful women ever
Marilyn Monroe was an American actress who became the most desired woman in the 1960s. She was born in 1926 and died in 1962 before contributing to many commercially successful motion picture.

Grace Kelly:10 most beautiful women ever
Princess of Monaco and Hollywood heartthrob Grace Kelly was undoubtedly the most desired woman in her time. She has been also rated as the most beautiful royals ever. She died ina car accident in 1982.

Rania Al Abdullah:10 most beautiful women ever
The Queen of Jordon is famous for her unmatched style and fashion. She is a pioneer in the field of humanitarian work and also holds a powerful position. She was named among the top 100 influential women of the world by a survey in 2009.

Elizabeth Taylor:10 most beautiful women ever
The British –American actress is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was, star of the National Velvet died in 2011 after kneeing the world on her beauty.

Gayatri devi:10 most beautiful women ever
The queen of Jaipur, India was voted among the most beautiful women by Vogue Magazines. After the independence she became a key political player of India. She was considered to be a trend setter in fashion and beauty.

Kate Winslet:10 most beautiful women ever
The British beauty is still a heart stealer of men. The popular actress has featured in many commercially hit Hollywood flicks and most important of them is Titanic. She is called as the angel on the earth in the modern era. She was born in 1975 in United Kingdom.

Madeleine:10 most beautiful women ever
She is the princess of Sweden and famous for her blond looks and style. The Scandinavian beauty was placed at the 12th position by Forbes Magazine in the list of 20 hottest young royals of the world. She is very much involved in the charity and betterment of society.

Margarita Carmen Cansino:10 most beautiful women ever
Margarita Casino who is also known Rita Hayworth was a dancer and actress in the United States of America. She appeared in the cover of Life magazine for five times because of her great appeal and stunning dark browned hair beauty. She has appeared in 61 movies in her career and has been included among the top 100 greatest stars of all time by the American Film Institute. She freed her soul in 1987.

Nicole Kidman:10 most beautiful women ever
The redhead beauty was born in an Australian medical background in 1967. Treated as one of the finest actresses in the world, Kidman married Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise but they got separated later in 2001. She is still among the high rated and skilled actors present in Hollywood.

Diana Haden:10 most beautiful women ever
Probably the most talked about and famous woman in the earth Diana Haden was the princess of Wales who lost the royal status as she divorced her husband Prince Charles. But her phenomenal journey of establishing herself as an individual is an incredible story. She was loved by all but met a tragic end she died in a car accident near Paris in 1997.

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