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Top 10 most beautiful blonde Women

Top 10 most beautiful blonde Women

There’s just something very attractive about blonde hair. Since the film industry started, the blond bombshell was constantly present to make our movie going experience even sweeter.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most beautiful blonde women:

10. Laura Jeanne Reese WitherspoonTop 10 most beautiful blonde Women
It’s hard to find someone that has not seen her breakout movie, Legally blonde. Since then, she has become the poster child for the kind hearted, but sheltered blonde, that eventually has to step up to the occasion. Despite her success and look, she is a very humble and pleasant person.

9. Michelle Marie PfeifferTop 10 most beautiful blonde Women
Here we have the best Catwoman of all time without a doubt. Although she is one of the oldest on our list, she is still considered very attractive, and some would say that she is hotter now, than she was in her debut role. She is very involved in cancer research because of a personal tragedy.

8. Gwyneth Kate Paltrow MartinTop 10 most beautiful blonde Women
Her privacy is very important to her, and she tries to keep to herself. She used to date Brad Pitt in 1990, back when he was considered to be the most attractive man in the world. Her career was a little stale until it made a major comeback with her role in the massively successful Iron Man movies.

7. Gwen Renée StefaniTop 10 most beautiful blonde Women
Say what you will about her, but she can sure take a picture. The cameras simply seem to be in love with her, and who could blame them. This celebrity has an excellent family life, a successful music career and worldwide recognition.

6. Kylie Ann MinogueTop 10 most beautiful blonde Women
Although she had some acting roles in soap operas this Australian Hottie  is mostly known for her musical career. She was afflicted with cancer some time ago, an experience that has definitely influenced both her musical style, and her life.

5. Jessica Claire BielTop 10 most beautiful blonde Women
In a list populated by great looking blondes, she stands out as probably having the most attractive body.  However, a firm body like that doesn’t happen by accident, as she practically lives at the gym. She is a natural beauty, choosing to wear very little makeup.

4. Heidi KlumTop 10 most beautiful blonde Women
She is definitely one of the highest paid models in the world. Even her legs are insured for about 2 million dollars. What is admirable about here is that she manages to balance her career with her family life.

3. Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Joanna Aniston)Top 10 most beautiful blonde Women
If you were a girl in the 90’s, she probably was your idol.  She is mostly known for her role on the extremely successful sitcom Friends. A pleasant and modest person in real life, her personal life was ravaged by a messy divorce with Brad Pitt. She is amazingly beautiful and still, a role model for girls everywhere.

2. Jessica Alba (Jessica Marie Alba)Top 10 most beautiful blonde Women
She has managed to not let her massive success go to her head. Her personal life always comes first, and she has been known for turning down parts just because she did not want to neglect her loved ones.

1.Taylor Swift (Taylor Alison Swift)Top 10 most beautiful blonde Women
She’s the girlfriend we all wished we’d had when we were in high school. Pretty and talented, she has a certain country charm that mesmerizes her fans.  She is one of the highest paid artists in the world and definitely the number one, Top 10 most beautiful blonde woman.

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