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Top 10 USA Gold Medalists in Olympics

Michael Phelps

Started in the year 1896, Olympics are termed to be the most prestigious sports event happening all over the world where more than 200 nations participate and compete with each other to show their incredibility in sports. Among all others, USA, from the year 1912 winning most of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively stands on the first place by receiving most number of gold medals. So, here are 10 Gold medalists from USA who have performed exceptionally to achieve it for their country. Checkout the list of Top 10 USA Gold Medalists in Olympics till now. Michael Phelps Born in the year 1985, Michael Phelps made his debut in Olympics as a swimmer and won Gold medal for United States of America as well in the Olympics of 2004 held in Athens, Greece. ‘When you are passionate about a thing, nothing can stop you from achieving it’. This catchphrase ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Amazing Tourist Destinations in France

Chateau de Chambord

In this holiday season if you are looking for the recommendations for making a one stop destination to witness many things, then we would definitely suggest you to visit France. There is no scarcity of the tourist spots in France. There are enough options to book a place in your heart here.  Anyway, never forget to step your foot at these locations upon visiting France. Have a look! Chartres Cathedral If you are having any doubt regarding the ancient architectural skills, then have a visit for the place; you will certainly have nothing like that in mind. Interesting to mention here is that it hasn’t been introduced with any sort of revamps, or changes. Chartres Cathedral has certainly become able in keeping the 13th century creature live the way it was.   Palace of Versailles It is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in France. French people are very ... Read More »

Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

He is the master of surprises, and the surprises are always unique. He is quite synonymous for the word creativity. Imagination is at the peak with his flicks. Movies are not always something to make your brain absent; he has proved it. Versatility is in his blood. The man with a magical touch, and who always promises a quality time is none other than the most interesting personality in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio. The compilation is in fact the toughest to pick 10, as we know all are mind blowing. Checkout Top 10 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio  Inception How can one leave the name while talking about the Leonardo Di Caprio flicks? Acting should be natural, but here it is simply out of the brain. Complexity can be entertaining as well; Leonardo has proved it perfectly through the flick. Science, fiction, acting, all are in perfect proportion in the movie.   ... Read More »

Top 10 Best Amusement Parks in Canada

Ontario Place

If you ask for a suggestion regarding a best way of family entertainment, then I would certainly recommend moving for an amusement park. Especially, the place gets simply heavenly during the festive seasons. While talking about the amusement parks, the picture of Canada comes first. On this context, the compilation given below is about 10 excellent options for theme parks in Canada. Checkout Best Amusement Parks in Canada Galaxy Land Here we come up with the most versatile option in the compilation. Irrespective of the age group, the park is having entertaining stuffs for all. Especially, the place is special for the kids’ ride. It is one of the most systematic theme parks in Canada, for which it has become the favourite for the tourist. It holds a great reputation for hospitality as well. Marine Land Obviously this is a theme park, but we prefer it to term as a blend ... Read More »

Top 10 kung Fu movies You Will Love to watch

Best Kung fu movies

When you talk about Kung Fu movies, top personalities like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li come to our mind. These movies caught the attention of huge audience across the globe. There have been many Kung Fu movies released over the years. Let us look at the top 10 Kung Fu movies You Will Love to watch Ip Man Directed by Wilson Yip, IP Man is a unique Kung Fu movie which broke the success of many similar movies. The story is about a man who is responsible for training Bruce Lee and making him ready for the war. Donnie Yen who is an ordinary man and living life peacefully and happily with his family is forced to enter the war. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon This is the only Kung Fu movie that has won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar award. Crouching tiger and hidden dragon is a great ... Read More »