Friday , 3 June 2016
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Top 10 Movies to Watch to Kill Boredom

Lord of the Rings

A good movie can be your best friend at the time when boredom strikes. There are some all time great movies, which have the quality of getting you out of the monotony of your daily life and simply pick up your mood whenever you feel low and bored!! Plus, they are so good that you can just sit back with your bowl of popcorn and watch them again and again. Here is the list of top 10 movies to watch to kill boredom: 1. Lord of the Rings Among the most amazing movies of all times comes this saga of a three movie series released from 2001 to 2003, “Lord of the rings”. The excellent storyline of this fantasy film will definitely hold you to the edge of your seat and do away with your boredom. It is based on a novel with the same name and is well known ... Read More »

Top 10 Mattress Brands in India


A good quality mattress is essential for good and restful sleep, along with a healthy back posture. The Indian market has great demand for high quality mattresses, which is the reason of growth of mattress industry in India at a rate of 10-15% per annum, between 2002 and 2011. The top 10 mattress brands in India are listed as follows: 1- Kurl-on Topping the list of top 10 mattress brands in India is Kurl-on. Rubberized coir, foam, spring and therapeutic mattresses are the varieties available under this brand name. Kurl-on has earned a great reputation for manufacturing great quality and comfort mattresses, with the use of latest technology. 2- Sleepwell Next on the list is the well known mattress brand, Sleepwell. This ISO 9001 certified brand is owned by the Sheela Group. This brand aspires to fulfill the demands of the consumers, by producing top class sleep support products with ... Read More »

Top 10 Detective Movies

Dirty Harry (1971)

The entertainment industry has been known for churning out films of different genres since it came into existence. These include romance, action, tragedy, comedy and thriller movies, but the excitement generated by movies of detective genre makes them stand above the rest. Good detective movies have a plot with the ability to make the viewers stick to their seats from the beginning to end. Here is the list of top 10 detective movies: 1- Chinatown (1974) On the top of the list of best detective movies is the classic film of 1974, Chinatown, which is the story of a private detective investigating an adultery case, but discovering a murder plot involved in it. The twists and turns in the movie make it a great watch till date, decades after its making. The lead roles have been played by Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway and the film has been directed by ... Read More »

Top 10 Common traits about People With Green Eyes

people with green eyes

 The wonders about nature are beyond the imagination of human beings. For instance, there are so many colors of eyes which can be witness among human beings, these being black, brown, grey, blue and green, which is the rarest eye color in nature. Basically, the color of the eyes is determined by the color of the iris of the eye and it is an inherited trait, influenced by genetic factors. There is a lot about the personality and character of a person which can be told by the color of his or her eyes. For example, there is something very striking about green eyed people and the first thing that comes to your notice in their personality is their eyes. Here are the top 10 amazing traits we find about people with green eyes: 1- Most Uncommon Green color is the rarest and most common eye color in human beings. ... Read More »

Top 10 Best Inverter Brands in India


Every one of us is aware of the power problems in our country, particularly during the hot summer months. Recurrent power cuts make it essential for every home, office and commercial enterprise to look for solutions to combat the same, as power cuts can have adverse effects on the productivity, hamper profitability, cause discomfort and cause wastage of resources. For this purpose, there are many brands of inverters available in the Indian market, out of which the list of top 10 inverter brands is mentioned below: 1- Luminous Power Technologies Ltd Sitting on the top spot on the list of top 10 inverter brands in India is the trusted name of Luminous Power Technologies Ltd. This company was set up in 1988 and produces high quality inverters for domestic as well as commercial use. This internationally acclaimed brand brings innovative and advanced inverters for consumers and has an employee base ... Read More »