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Top 10 tallest active volcanoes In The World

MountWrangell volcano

Volcanoes are result of the movement of tectonic plates that are present in the Earth’s core. There are some inactive and active volcanoes around the world. Inactive volcanoes remain inactive for over 10,000 years while the active volcanoes generate magma in these many years. According to the research and reports there are approximately 1500 active volcanoes. Let us look at the top 10 tallest active volcanoes. Antofalla, 6450 meters This is considered to be the most tallest and active volcanoes which exist in the remote areas of Salar de Antofalla in northern Argentina. It is exactly situated in the southern Puna plateau of NW Argentina and is also situated 100km away from the main Cordillera Occidental volcanic arc.   Guallatiri, 6060 meters Situated in Northern Chile, Guallatiri contains lava dome and emits thick form of lava from the lower northern and western flanks. Major volcano eruptions at this place have ... Read More »

Top 10 Biggest Sports Stadiums in USA

Sanford Stadium

USA is a country of sports lovers, football being one of the most popular sports. As a result, there are many venues or auditoriums in the country, where football and other sports are played, some of them even being used for hosting musical concerts and events. Many of these auditoriums have huge capacity, enabling them to accommodate thousands of people at a time. Here is a list of the biggest sports stadiums in USA, in terms of seating capacity: Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI Topping the list of the biggest sports stadiums in America, with a magnificent seating capacity of nearly 109901 persons is the Michigan Stadium located in Ann Arbor in Michigan state. The stadium is used by Michigan Wolverines football team as its home venue. Beaver Stadium, State College, PA Next among the most spectacular sports grounds in the country is the famous Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. ... Read More »

Top 10 Japanese Movies You must Watch

Seven Samurai

The Japanese film industry has been known to bring some marvelous pieces of art to the world in the form of its movies s. Many of the Japanese movies have been very different from the regular Hollywood movies, but they have the capability to move the audience and touch their souls. Here is a list of Top 10 Japanese Movies You must Watch 1. Seven Samurai This 1954 movie actually opened up the eyes of the world towards Japanese cinema, with a plot revolving about a village which hires these samurai warriors for seeking protection against bandits. Basically an action movie, this one has set the standards for such movies with its great action stunts, wonderful performances, brilliant photography and perfect editing. 2. Tokyo Story Another all time favorite Japanese movie is Tokyo Story, the 1953 classic, which is the story of an elderly couple who visits their family who lives ... Read More »

Top 10 James Bond Movies – What is your Best Movie?


James Bond is one of those legendary characters, who have ruled the Hollywood industry for decades now, besides being revered by millions of movie lovers all over the world. There is something enigmatic and charming about him, which inspires awe for all James Bond movies made till date. With different actors enacting 007 in these classic movies, the aura of the star remains the same over the time. Here is a list of top 10 James Bond movies: 1. Goldfinger One of the best James Bond movies of all times is the 1964 movie “Goldfinger”, which stars Sean Connery as the man himself for the third time. The movie was directed by Guy Hamilton and it had claimed an Academy Award for best sound effects. The plot revolves around the villain Goldfinger, who plans to shatter the world economy and shoot up the worth of his gold, but is stopped ... Read More »

Top 10 most beautiful and cutest Cat breeds

Ragdoll cats

Besides dogs, cats are the other favorite pets for the human race. They are as cute as young kids, which helps them get the unconditional love of their owners. It has been said that people tend to feel relaxed and stress free in the company of their pet cats. There are many adorable looking cat breeds in the world. Listed below are the top 10 cutest cat breeds: 1. Siamese Leading among the cutest cat breeds is the friendly Siamese breed. The characteristic feature of this breed is that these cats are a stubborn lot, making them behave in a baby like manner. The blue eyed cats yearn for the attention of their owners, making them even cuter. They are friendly felines, who communicate with humans by using bodily signals. This species love to snuggle up with its owner at bedtime. 2. Ragdoll cats This roly poly breed comes next ... Read More »