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Best Restaurants in Delhi

Food is a basic need of the human being. Eating nutritious and tasty food is recommended and liked by all. The taste sensation of the food is important because it prepares and triggers our salivary glands and other digestive juices making our body ready for digestion. Tasty and delicious food is a good therapy for upset mood and gives peace and tranquility to one’s state. Here below are some of the best restaurants in Delhi where you should definite visit and get lost in the succulent food.

Best Restaurants in Delhi: List


This is a 24-hour restaurant which offers a fine range of Indian and innovative international cuisine in a roomy and pleasing atmosphere ideal for round-the clock  dining in New Delhi with a varying dishes. Overlooking the open air swimming pool at ITC Maurya, It offers one of the perfect options for day and night dining with its cheerful feeling, artistic interiors, broad beverage library and the pleasing and homely attentiveness of its service associates.
Average cost of the meal for two is INR 3,000.


It entertains the charm of the ritualistic clay oven or tandoor with its toothsome menu of freshly tandoor-cooked kebabs, vegetables and breads.  Bukhara has  perfected the art of cuisine, known for its star dishes such as the Sikandri Raan, the Dal Bukhara and the various dish.
Average cost of the meal for two is INR 5,000.


Its history is 200 year old culinary footprints from the kitchens of the Nawabs of Awadh and it brings for us the grand cookery of India in a feel good climate that is  truly majestic. It provides amazing array of fragrant dishes which are slow cooked in sealed deghs with selective spices to give it a delicate flavours and textures.
Average cost of the meal for two is INR 4,500.


This pleasing rooftop restaurant presents a smooth spread of Neo Classical Chinese cuisine and traditional Chinese cuisine with international touches.  The dish is rich  with fine balance of tastes, textures, display and their poetic names. An extensive bar of the first-rate wines and other beverages makes for a well paired fine meal which strikes the perfect balance between the refined flavours of Chinese dining with contemporary aesthetics.
Average cost of the meal for two is INR 5,000 on Sundays and INR 3,500 on rest days.


West View, restaurant with a spectacular view of Delhi’s green belt. It offers irresistible contemporary western cuisine and gives us a unique fixed menu dining   experience and allows us to design our own meal and selection of wines and beverages. It has got its own international western recipes and flavour. West View covers a large variation of fine cuisines.
Average cost of the meal for two is INR 4,500.

The above stated Best restaurants in Delhi are some of the optimal places which you should never miss. Just have a bite and enjoy your dine.

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