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Top 10 Best colleges in USA

Top 10 Best colleges in USA

With the world’s intellectual elite flocking to the United States, it’s no wonder that the colleges here are some of the best in the world. Some affordable, some not, but all of them are prestigious enough to merit your attention.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Best colleges in USA:

10. Bryn Mawr College
It was originally started in  1885 as a woman’s college. Although nowadays things have changed, its faculty is still 57 % female. The self governing student body adhered to a code of honor, and the school’s traditions are something to marvel at.

9. Boston College
This college is situated on the very top of a hill, thus getting the nickname: The Heights. Its motto was borrowed from Homer’s work, the Iliad, and it says: Ever to excel. It was first founded in 1863, and it still can be proud of the largest alumni in the Roman Catholic sphere.

8. Davidson College
It has opened in 1837 by Presbyterians, and it can be considered the very first college of liberal arts. Also, it was the first to abolish the student loan system, and establish a grant system that could help students graduate without any debt.

7. Vassar College
Named after the businessman and brewer that founded it in 1861, Vassar college was another woman’s college. It is considered a coeducational institution since 1969, which means that it’s one of the first women’s college to reach this kind of distinction.

6. Wellesley College
This woman’s college was founded back in 1870 and it prides itself with the standards of equality, and it promotes advancement regardless of gender. Many high ranking government officials graduated from here, such as Judith Krantz, who acted as secretary of state.

5. Bowdoin College
One of the oldest on our list, it was founded in 1794.  It currently had 40 disciplinary and departmental majors. It managed to be a highly selective college, without putting so much emphasis on SAT scores. Its athletic team, The Polar bears often compete at the highest levels, and are a well accomplished team.

4. Dartmouth College
The ninth oldest college in the country, it was opened in 1769. It is very active as far as research goes, and it obtained about $200 million in funding in 2012. With over 4200 undergraduates and 1200 graduates, this is certainly a college that is worth the trouble.

3. Amherst College
This is by far, one of the best liberal arts institutions in the US. Its notoriety is because it shuns student loans, and tries to give student grant that will help them finish debt free. Students here can study one on one with the best scholars in the world.

2. Williams College
It was founded back in 1793, this men’s college now has over 2000 students in attendance and it is one of the most prestigious liberal colleges out there. It has graduate programs and also it ventures in the history of art. It has shunned loans, but due to the recent economic upheaval it was forced to return to this system.

1. Swarthmore College
This college lasts 4 years, it is a liberal, co-education institution, with over 1500 undergraduate attendants. It boasts an 83 % success rate as far as doctoral programs go, and also the athletics team is one of the best in the country.

Hope this above information will help you to choose the best college in USA to study.

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