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Top 10 Best dating site in USA

Top 10 Best dating site in USA

As technology and society in general evolves, life becomes more and more complex. Add that in with stress, a demanding job and financial troubles, and you can see why it’s so hard to keep a relationship going, and fully invest yourself. Regardless if it’s because the lack of time, or because of having to change cities, you may find yourself in need of the Top 10 Best dating site in USA:

Top 10 Best dating site in USA

This site is one of the naughtiest on this list. You have the option of using it like a dating site, or to click the naughty filter and experience something else entirely.  This site focuses more on the erotic side of dating.

It’s astounding how much they go through to provide a good experience. They will actually check the background of a person to be sure he/she is not married and even search for prior criminal offenses. Also, their search algorithm is very accurate.

With an emphasis on the European dating market, this site has members from 100 countries. Given that fact, one could assume that their strongest feature is the variety of users, because you get to interact with people with various jobs, and backgrounds.

This site can proudly boast that 50 marriages were forged thanks to their service. We don’t know how many of those marriages still exist today, but one can be optimistic.  Thanks to a user base that numbers in the millions, your odds are pretty good.

With over 50 thousand people that register an account monthly, and a total of 8 million users, this is a very successful site. You can fill in a modest amount of info when you sign up, but it will be way better if you take the time and fill it all out, because they have more to work with.

5. Zoosk
Since its inception in San Francisco in 2007, this site has grown substantially, currently it can be found in over 70 countries and it’s available in over two dozen languages. This site can accommodate people who are looking for a local relationship, or it can facilitate finding a partner overseas.

Although this website is USA-centric, it still has members from many countries. In their 7 million customer base, you’ll find people from the US, Australia and the united kingdom.  It has no adds, and a brilliantly designed UI.

3. Lavalife
Like many of the websites on our list, this one started out in a single country, Canada, but it expanded to encompass an international audience later. You can have multiple accounts, and each of them can have different priorities like: looking for relationships, casual and also intimate encounters.

2. Friend Finder
On this site, you can search for a good friend, or a romantic companion. It’s really up to you. This site boasts features like its own magazine, chat rooms, blogs and message boards. Over the years, it has become more than a dating site, they are a community.
This is by far the most famous online dating website in the world. Their user base dwarfs that of any other site, with 25 million active users. This is by far the best chance you have at finding someone, especially that the ration of men to women is almost equal.

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