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Top 5 Best water purifiers in India

Top 5 Best water purifiers in India

With the increase in pollution in India, the chances of getting a pure and clean water are less. Contaminated or impure water leads to various serious diseases such as diarrhea, fever, nausea, and more. This is where a water purifier comes in picture. It helps in removing the impurities from the contaminated water to provide a clean and pure water to its users. The market is loaded is various consumer based water purifiers that can prevent you from being attacked by water-borne diseases.

Water plays an important role in our life and is needed for cooking, drinking, plantation, washing, and more such activities. This is why Water purifiers are essential addition to every kitchen to keep your family healthy.

Let us look at the top 5 best water purifiers in India

  • Eureka Forbes

This is one of the leading manufacturers of water purifier systems in India. Aquaguard and aquaSquare are two products that have been in the market for a long time due to its quality service and high-end technology.Top 5 Best water purifier in India Eureka Forbes Integrated with advanced technology, the water purifiers eliminates the harmful chemicals such as mercury, pesticides, lead, and more from the water to provide you clean and safe drinking water. What’s more, enhance storage capacity ensures that you never run out of safe drinking water at any point of time.

  • Pureit Water purifier

This is another leading product under the Hindustan Unilever Limited that helps to purify the water. Further, there are 4 water purifier systems offered by this brand namely storage, RO, UV, and Inline and wherein each one is designed to meet your needs and match your pocket.Top 5 Best water purifier in India Pureit Water purifier In addition to top quality service, these purifiers are available at affordable price and protect you from various diseases caused by the contamination of water. Besides, the four models namely Pureit Compact, Pureit Marvella, Pureit Autofill, and Pureit Classic can be operated without the need of electricity. In addition to this, these models claim to provide you water as clean as boiled water.

  • Kent with RO system

Kent water purifier systems are destined to meet your requirements and are great for converting hard water to soft water. In addition, these products integrate the RO or Reverse Osmosis along with advanced technologies such as UF gravity, Mineral RO, UF tap water purification, and more. You can also see the top 10 best RO water purifiers in India.Top 5 Best water purifier in India Kent with RO systemThis helps the system to purify or eliminate the harmful substances such as minerals, lead, pesticides and other such chemicals that play with human life. In addition, Kent RO systems have won many awards for its excellent service and quality.


Manufactured by one of the leading companies of India, Tata Swach is simply designed to provide safe and clean drinking water to its consumers. As the name suggests, you get swach water which means clean in Hindi to remain fit and fine. Top 5 Best water purifier in India TATA SWACHThe unique feature of this water purifier is that it does not require any electricity or piped water to operate. Instead, Tata Swach uses rice husk along with saturated nano silver particles.  While the former is used for filtration process, the latter helps in killing the bacteria, germs, and other such substances. The result is you get pure, clean, and safe water for drinking.

  •    Zero B

Ion Exchange India Ltd has introduced a series of water purifiers under the brand Zero B.Top 5 Best water purifier in India Zero B it used advanced technology to clean the contaminated water to offer safe water for drinking and cooking.

 A purifier with advanced technology has certainly become a requirement in every household these days to prevent your family from getting attacked by any water prone diseases.

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